Summary: A look at Jesus as He encounters crowds. We see him with ordinary people, demons, and His inner circle.

Mark Series

Encounters With Crowds

Mark 3:7-19

October 18, 2015 AM

Subject: Salvation

Central Theme: Encounters with Jesus

Objective: Every person should get saved because of four C’s

Introduction: We continue our series through Mark. Today we look at Jesus as He encounters crowds. We see him with ordinary people, demons, and His inner circle.

What Jesus did then, He can do now if He chooses.

I’m convinced that Jesus wants to reach out to people today with the message of salvation. He wants to heal the sick and cast out demons. He wants to do these things. Will you let Him?


READ Mark 3:7-19

I. Crowds – Followed Jesus

A. Jesus went to the sea

1. He was traveling from place to place

B. People followed him from everywhere.

1. All directions were mentioned

C. Why did they come?

1. they heard about was Jesus was doing

2. They heard about the teaching

3. they heard about the healings

4. They heard about the miracles.

D. These people at least knew that it was important to hear what Jesus had to say.

1. They recognized something different about Jesus and wanted more.

2. What about you? Do you realize your need for Jesus?

3. The HS is influencing you to want more of Jesus today.

I. Crowds – Followed Jesus

Ii. Crushing – People Wanted To Touch Jesus

A. Jesus needed an exit plan

1. He got a boat ready in case the crowd pressed him.

2. This was real

3. Although it was good that people heard the gospel, it made it more difficult to teach and preach.

B. They wanted to touch him

1. Imagine a crowd of people with one purpose; to touch Jesus

2. They could trample one another and hurt themselves.

C. There are people out looking at Christianity with the thought, “What’s in it for me?”

1. These people pressing in to Jesus were desperately wanting healing.

2. Jesus offers healing, but gives so much more.

3. Don’t just think of today, think of eternity.

4. Jesus wants to give you eternal life, not just heal you.

I. Crowds – Followed Jesus

II. Crushing – People Wanted To Touch Jesus

III. Cries – Of The Demons

A. Demons cried out “Son of God”

1. When they saw Him

B. Jesus told them to hush

1. People need to believe by faith

2. A demon’s testimony could muddy up faith

3. The demons once were in the presence of God.

4. They recognized the HS of God in Jesus the Son of God.

C. The demons could care less if you are damned

1. They are like the people, what’s in it for them.

a. perhaps by making these statements, Jesus would praise them?

b. Jesus did not praise them, but censured them; telling them to keep quiet.

2. The demons just wanted to be left alone to haunt their hosts.

3. Jesus came to set people free from the bondage of the devil and the bondage of sin.

I. Crowds – Followed Jesus

II. Crushing – People Wanted To Touch Jesus

III. Cries – Of The Demons

IV. Calling – Of The Apostles

A. From the Sea to the Mountains

1. A change of venue

2. He called certain men to be Apostles

B. Purpose of the Apostles

1. They would be with Jesus

2. They would be preachers

3. Have authority to cast out demons

C. These men would change history

1. They turned the world upside down with the gospel.

D. Jesus took ordinary people and changed them into extraordinary people.

1. He did that with the Apostles, He can do that with you.

2. He is the same God who called the 12. He is now calling the multitudes to salvation and discipleship.

3. He still calls people into ministry serving others in Jesus’ name.

4. He still calls missionaries and pastors.

5. If He calls you, He equips you to do the job.

V. Conclusion

1. Crowds – Followed Jesus

2. Crushing – people wanted to touch Jesus

3. Cries – of the demons

4. Calling – of the Apostles

How about you? Are you interested in what Jesus has to say? Will you come near to Him?

Don’t let the cries of the demons drown out the call of the Spirit.

Jesus is calling you to repentance and salvation today. Will you obey?

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