Summary: This is a message that deals with church growth and encouragement through preaching

Encouragement From the Lord

Text: Col.2:9-23

Introduction: Much of the preaching being done today perpetrates discouragement. Preaching ought to offer encouragement to the discouraged. But so many times it does not! May we notice the encouragement that Paul gives to this people.

I. Paul’s preaching was to encourage them. (vs.9-15)

A. He showed them that they were complete spiritually. (vs. 9-10)

1. Because of God’s positioning. (vs. 9)

2. Because of God’s power. (vs. 10)

B. He showed them that they were circumcised spiritually. (vs. 11-13)

1. This provided for their identification. (vs.11)

2. This provided for their Salvation. (vs.12-13)

C. He showed them that they were conquerors spiritually. (vs. 14-15)

1. He made us conquerors through His great payment. (vs. 14)

2. He made us conquerors through His great power. (vs. 15)

II. Paul’s preaching was to exhort them. (vs. 16-23)

A. To recognize the liberties in Christ. (vs. 16-17)

1. Recognize the obstacle to enjoyed liberties. (vs. 16)

2. Recognize the originator of every liberty. (vs. 17)

B. To retain the liberties in Christ. (vs. 18-19)

1. By resisting the luring tactics of men. (vs.18a)

2. By refusing the lying tongue of men. (vs.18b-19)

3. To not refuse the liberties in Christ. (vs. 20-23)

Note: the Apostle Paul was warning the church at Colosse not to be slaves to the ordinances after the commandments and doctines of men. He wanted them to claim the liberties that were theirs in Christ.

Conclusion: Paul encouraged them by preaching Jesus. He was even able to warn as he encouraged. There is great power in great preaching and great preaching comes from preaching Jesus.

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