Summary: As followers of Jesus should living in the last days cause us to become more fearful or more loving, more selfish or more selfless. It all depends on Looking and Listening.

Read: 2 Tim. 3:1-17 How should the hard times of the last days affect us?

Read:(Proverbs 4:18,19)

But the path of the Just is as a shining light that shines more and more unto the perfect day. The way of the wicked is darkness they know not at what they stumble. What do the end times mean to the follower of the Lord Jesus Christ? Are we supposed to be getting more fearful or more faithful? Does living in the last days cause Christians to become more selfish or more selfless? Read Matthew 24:10-13, Luke 21:25-28

How should the End Times affect us? It all depends on Looking and Listening. Or I could say it depends on who you’re focused on and what station you’re listening to.

Looking: We’re all looking somewhere. Everyone of us is focused on something. So, are you focused on what Jesus is doing, or are you focused on what the Devil what is doing? Think about it. Do you see the Devils work…wars and lack and suffering or do you see the Loving God who’s strengthening and helping people and giving grace to all those who call on His name. (Illustration) I can look at the window in my office and see a few smudges and a spider web that is being built right outside the window. Or, I can look on through the window and see a beautiful cloud formation and a peaceful blue sky. I just have to choose to look through and not look at. I also have to choose to look up. It’s a personal choice that we make. You can choose to look through the darkness and gloom and see Jesus at work but you must choose to look higher. Lift your perspective up and Look beyond where you are presently. Look beyond time and begin to see Eternity. Look past the temporal and begin to see the Eternal. Look through your dark situation and begin to see the Brightness and Splendor of the Lord Jesus Christ and see the Angels surrounding Him singing joyfully and triumphantly. Read: Psalms 121

Look to Jesus and you’ll be an eternal optimist (Quote)If it wasn’t for the optimist the pessimist would never know how happy he wasn’t.

Listening: When you choose your focus you can begin to hear the music of Heaven more clearly than ever. (Illustration) I got into my van the other day and switched on the ignition and the awfullest racket came out of the speakers. The volume was up all the way and the nob had been tuned in between two stations, one playing hard heavy metal music and the other bellowing a depressing country song. You know, you can’t listen to two stations at one time, unless you want to be confused and sport a nasty headache. You can’t tune into to God’s station and the Devils at the same time either. Maybe that’s why some people are confused they’re trying to listen to both stations at the same time. Someone had messed with the tuner when the van was turned off and had set the volume and the radio to a place that didn’t produce the peaceful uplifting sound that I wanted to hear while driving to Wal-Mart. Do you know what I did? I changed the station. I carefully chose what I was going to listen to and programmed the dial so that station would be easy to find. Who’s deciding what you’re listening to? You too can change the station. Are you allowing the perspective of those trapped in darkness to become your perspective. Psalms 1:1 says blessed are they who Walk not in the counsel of the ungodly... Don’t let the opinions of newscasters or late night talk show hosts determine or undermine your faith in God.

Jesus said: Behold I stand at the door and knock, if any one would hear my voice and open the door then I’ll come in and fellowship with them (Rev.3:20) Jesus knocks on the door of your heart today and offers you loving fellowship, true perspective and enduring hope that will carry you through all of the darkness around you. Will you Look to Him and Listen to His voice today and everyday. His brilliance is always shining and His station can be tuned into 24 hours a day. Look and Listen to Jesus and you will have the strength to endure to the end!

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