Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Satan, the Woman/Faithful Israel, and the Lord Jesus are the characters along w/Michael the archangel as warfare in heaven and earth are seen

Revelation 12

Title: “They overcame him by the Blood of the Lamb”

Text: Revelation 12:11

Theme: End Times Warfare

Introduction/Illustration: Instances of War and Warfare in The Revelation

I. The Woman/Faithful Israel vs. The Great Red Dragon/Satan [Part I] (v.1-6)

A. The First Sign [The Great One] in Heaven-The Woman/Faithful Israel

1. She travails with Child

2. She is pained to be delivered

3. She brings forth the Man Child

a. Messiah’s Past Birth (Micah 5:2)

b. Messiah’s Future Rule (Psalm 110:2)

c. Messiah’s Past/Present Exaltation (Psalm 110:1)

4. She flees into the wilderness where she has a place prepared of God

5. She is fed for 3-1/2 years/the last half of the 70th Week of Daniel

B. The Second Sign in Heaven-The Great Red Dragon

1. His Appearance

a. He has seven heads/Beast Kingdoms of the Ages

b. And ten horns/final Beast Kingdom (Revelation 17)

c. And seven crowns upon his heads [Seven Satanically inspired Beast Kingdoms]

2. His Actions

a. Casts 1/3 stars to the earth

b. Attempts to devour the Man Child/Lord Jesus Christ

II. The War in Heaven: Michael and his angels vs. Satan the great dragon and his angels

A. The great dragon/accuser of our brethren is cast out/down into the earth (v.7-12) [repeated (5) times]

1. The dragon wages war in heaven with Michael (Revelation 12:7-9) [Middle of the 70th Week of Daniel]

2. The dragon wages war on earth with the saints (Revelation 13:7; Daniel 7:21, 25) [70th Week of Daniel]

3. The dragon wages war on earth with the two witnesses (Revelation 11:7) [Last half of the 70th Week of Daniel]

4. The dragon wages war on earth with the rest of her [woman’s] seed (Revelation 12:17; Daniel 11:32-35)[70th Week]

5. The dragon wages war on earth with the Lord & armies/heaven (Revelation 16:14, 17:14, 19:14) [Armageddon]

6. The dragon wages war on earth with the saints and God devours him (Revelation 20:7-10) [Millennium]

III. The Coming of God’s Counter-Attack for the Brethren (v.10) [Illustr: Micah 5:5-9]-The Peace of God-(Luke 21:19)

1. The Salvation/DELIVERANCE is all of God/Attributes of the King /The Wisdom of God

2. The Strength/POWER of His Christ/Holy Spirit is the Source/Ability of the King/The Word of God

3. The KINGDOM of God is Manifested in Mighty Ways/Access to the King-The Living Word

4. The Power/AUTHORITY of His Christ is Magnified/Armor of the King/The Sword of the Spirit

Illustr: “When the enemy shall come in like a flood the Spirit of the Lord shall lift up a standard against them” (Isaiah 59:19)

IV. The Overcoming Brethren/Saints are Victorious over the great dragon (v.11; Daniel 11:32-35) [Purification of the Bride]

1. By the Blood of the Lamb

2. By the Word of their testimony

3. By their Faith-filled Attitude: ‘They loved not their lives unto the death’

Illustr: The Overcome Brethren/Saints are Defeated (Revelation 13:7; Daniel 7:21, 25) [Purification of the Bride]

A. The ‘horn/Antichrist’ prevails against them (Daniel 7:21)

B. The ‘horn/Antichrist’ wears them out (Daniel 7:25)

C. The ‘horn/Antichrist’ overcomes them (Revelation 13:7)

V. The Loud Voice in Heaven Responds (v.12)

1. Heavens and the dwellers in heaven are commanded to ‘rejoice’

2. Woe to the inhabitants of the earth and sea is announced

3. For the devil/dragon is come down unto you having great wrath [last half of 70th Week of Daniel]

a. Upon the Jews [Time of Jacob’s Trouble (Jeremiah 30:7)]

b. Upon the Saints [The Great Tribulation (Revelation 7:14)]

VI. The Woman/Faithful Israel Escapes from the Dragon’s Persecution

1. The Woman/Flees into the Wilderness (v.1-6)

2. The Woman/Flies into the Wilderness (v.13, 14)

3. The Woman/Flood is swallowed by the earth (v.15-17)

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