Summary: Living faith is contrasted with verbal faith.

Context: part of Sermon on the Mount. Immediate context: 2 ways (13-14); 2 trees (17-20); and finally 2 builders. Issue: more people will profess Christ than will follow Christ. Emphasis on words.

1. Enduring faith is more than knowing the words.

Not/but – provides a strong contrast between the 2.

Essentially – one talks a good religious game; the other obeys – practices what they hear

Baptists have lots of verbal Christians who never live for Christ…from our biblical emphasis on the security of the believer. If you are in Christ, no fear because your salvation is not based on you.

Many Baptists never act like they’re saved

Never Christ’s intent to have shallow followers: If you love me, keep my commandments.

Lord means “absolute ruler”. Stupidity to call someone Lord and fail to obey.

You’ve heard it: if He is not Lord of all, he is not Lord at all.

2. Enduring faith is more than using the Word.

Did we not? – expects an affirmative response – self-conceit; self-deception. The problem is that they affect others also. 1 Timothy 3:6-8

Listen to Matthew 10:32. same word used in Mt. 7:23 “I will profess to them”

What will he profess? I’ve never been acquainted with you.

These are people who have utilized the word: their claims..prophecy; demons; miracles.

Issue is not power but relationship; issue is not a mighty show but a quiet knowledge; issue is not knowing things that others don’t but knowing God. That’s faith that endures.

3. Enduring faith is building your life on the Word of God.



Who? Wise man

Action? Builds house on a rock

Consequences: storm (y’all know about storms) – house stands because of the foundation


Who? Foolish man

Action? Builds house on sand

Consequences: storm brings destruction

Difference between the two? Look at verse 24; now v. 26. Is the difference ‘hearing’. NO. It is the putting into practice of the things you hear.

Obedience to God’s will is the true test of true faith in Christ.

Absolute – difference between heaven and hell

Relative – story of two deacons.

Both loved the Lord: one more public – singing praises; writing songs of praise.

Other, less public, but: whatever you say, Lord, I’ll do.

Prayer – nightly kneeling


Discipline of children


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