Summary: Enemies . . . you have them. You need them. You must be aware of them and handle them correctly. Welcome to the fight!

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Pt. 3 – Enemy Love

I. Introduction

I have tried to inform you over the last two weeks that we are at war! Ecclesiastes makes it abundantly clear that there is a time for peace, but there is a time for war. We are in that time!

And yet, one man said, “We have lost our militant mindset and so we have lost ground and the wherewithal to train, prepare, arm and engage in warfare. We have become the comical, but deadly sight of the man who brings a knife to a shoot out!”

We must change this! Our mind must be shaken from its slumber of assumption that everything is for our good and that everyone loves us. The truth is the enemy of our soul has assigned certain things and certain people to destroy us. So I told you we must not become comfortable with our enemy. What are you tolerating that you should be killing? What enemy appeals to you? If you weren’t attracted to it it wouldn’t be as deadly as it is to you. What you refuse to destroy will ultimately destroy you! I told you that we must become wiser than our enemies. We have been instructed to live wise as snakes and harmless as doves. So we can’t be paranoid or untouchable. We must be wise. We have to know that our enemy is trying to get close to us because it is the close quarter strike that is most devastating. We need to know that there will be wolves who will dress up like sheep in order to get close. We can spot them because they will prey on the weak. Wolves divide and conquer. Wolves run in packs. Wolves fight for control. Wolves howl and bite. The only safe way to deal with wolves is to stay as close to the Shepard as possible! We must run to the sheepfold because the Shepard has placed His body between us and the wolves. So I challenged you to become a LAMBO – a sheep that will fight for other sheep.

So I wished Jesus hadn’t sent us into hard, dangerous, and hazardous situations? Why can’t we just coast? Why can’t we just live a protected, safe, no risk life? Why not meet Jesus and sit on a couch and relax until He comes back. Besides, if we have been guaranteed victory, deliverance, and we are already designated as an overcomer, then why is it even necessary to be involved in daily fights and skirmishes? If no weapon formed against us has any chance of prospering then why do we need armor and why do we have to be trained for battle? The answer is that our enemy serves a purpose! We must understand that our enemy has specific GOD GIVEN purpose in our life. In fact, we quote and I even read to you out of Matthew that Jesus said that we should love our enemy. I know what He meant, but I also want you to know that you should love having an enemy because of what they do for you! You should make it your homework assignment this week to thank your enemy. Just walk up to them or it and say thank you then turn around and walk away. It will drive them crazy and it will cause you to smile and see things correctly!

To understand this we need to go back and reread a very familiar enemy story! I know you know this story, but we need to look at it again and learn some valuable truth about our enemies.

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