Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Christmas is to be celebrated with the understanding of God’s love in mind!

The message today will be quiet simple: Let’s enjoy life but let’s keep it real!

You see, many may be celebrating because we survived the Mayan calendar but they continue to live in myths and fantasies. Many will celebrate Christmas without Christ!

Many will say “How can there be a loving God when there is so much pain in the world?” How would you answer that question? Perhaps you struggle with that question as well! We’ll come back to this question later, but let us note some major realities in life.

First of all, is there pain and suffering going on in the world?

You noticed that I chose the families in Connecticut to pray for this week; just thinking about little kids being shot hurts doesn’t it? Can you imagine the pain those families are going through right now during Christmas time? Take a moment to pray…..

Also recently close to home, other innocent people were shot in Brookfield and in Oak Creek.

In the Philippines, Typhoon Bopha recently took over 1000 lives and scattered over 27000 people out of their homes!

How many people in America do you think die of cancer everyday??

1500 people a day die of cancer in America!!!

How many of you know someone who got killed by a drunk driver??

Is there pain and suffering going on in the world? – It happens all the time!

Reality in life #1: There is pain and suffering in our world.

You’re probably wondering now what this has to do with Christmas. Hang on, I will get there; but again the message is this, Let’s enjoy life but let’s keep it real! You see, some people, even Christians do not want to accept the fact that there is pain and suffering on earth; it is a reality we have to deal with.

But now, take a look at these pictures…..

Reality in life #2: There is good in people!!!

Why is there good in people? We read in in Genesis1:27, So God created mankind in his own image, in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them.

Psalm 100:5 tells us, For the LORD is good and his love endures forever; his faithfulness continues through all generations.

And so,

Reality in life #3: God is good and loving and He created people in His image!

God has given us life and He is good and loving! And so, Let’s enjoy life but, we must keep it real! Three basic realities in life: There will be pain and suffering; There is good in people; God is the Good and Loving a created people to be like Him.

But as I alluded to earlier, people are going to come around and say, “How can there be a loving God when there is so much pain in the world?” What’s the simple answer? What are we celebrating this season??

The answer to the world’s questions is always CHRISTmas! Some will say that Easter (Resurrection Sunday) is the answer to all the questions of the world; but how could Jesus Christ rise from the dead if he was never born to live on earth?

We say Jesus is the reason for the season; of course this is true! But the truth is, Jesus is the reason for everything; for life and eternal life! A better statement is this: The answer to the world’s questions is Jesus Christ!

What is Christmas??

We can say many things about Christmas, but Christmas is when God became a human being!; and this truth has much significance! But what do you think is the most significant thing about this truth??

God became a human being because of love!

1 John 4:9 states, This is how God showed his love among us: He sent his one and only Son into the world that we might live through him.

How great is this love of God through Christmas when Jesus Christ came to this world?

First of all, how much pain and suffering is there in heaven? Heaven would not be heaven if there is pain there! Remember what we learned last week from Luke 16: 25, there is eternal comfort in heaven. In the Book of Revelation at the end of the bible we read; In heaven, there will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain!

Now, which city was God Jesus Christ born on earth?? – Bethlehem! Where is Bethlehem? Show map.. In the Mideast… (troubles) and 2000 years ago, that area was under Roman rule; in other words, the Jewish people were oppressed by the Romans!

And where there diseases when Jesus came to earth? When Jesus came to earth, there were infectious diseases, Skin diseases, Parasitic infections, Pneumonia, Tuberculosis, smallpox, Anthrax, and Malaria!

And what type of place was Jesus born in?? God Jesus Christ was born in a stable where all the animals lived! What’s the point in all of this?

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