Summary: Man cannot be totally satisfied with temporal good so he desires more... more of his Creator. He is a finite creation created by an Infinite God.


Jabez, pain... It was as if he was infront of a massive gate... he did all until he was tired... then he called on th God of his nation... gate was opened... fields of blessings. It is a man who was remembered not for what he did but for what he prayed.

What do you expect in the pryers of the giants...

AB Simpson... burden for the world that when he prayed he held the map in his hand... crying for the salvation of the nations.... CMA

DAvid Brainerd... burden and love for the Indians led him to pray so hard even in snow... died an early age.

BUt when we listen to Jabez... what do we hear... LOrd, a cry, a plea... bless me. For self. Bless me indeed. Or bless me a lot. Bless me in such a way that my life will be marked by the supernatural, by divine favor.

And jabez was blessed indeed. And those who prayed it were incredibly blessed. I trust you started praying it yourself. I am urging Zion to start praying this regularly... with me.

Lord, bless me a lot.

Second part of the prayer: Enlarge my territory.

Or... Enlarge my border, my coast.

It is a prayer ones influence, ones impact, a prayer for a larger life.

IN particular:

1. It is Holy Dissatisfaction.

When you look at your life... the limitations, the pain, the potential, then look at the God who is infinitely good, all powerful... you refused to be content. Because you know that God can do greater things... and you do not see it yet in your life.

Is this all what life is all about.

You are meant for bigger life.

You know this... womb, to the crib... how you cried at the limitations. The room, the whole house, the backyard... Now you can not even becontrolled. You go to places that your parents don’t even know.

Your houses are getting larger and bigger.

2. It Means Influence.

God wants you to conquer... lives.

The 11 apostles... were given a commission beyond their wildest dreams... Preach the gospel to every creature, make disciples of all nations, be witnesses in Jeruzalem, in Judea, Samaria and to the ends of the earth.

3. Big Dreams, Big Projects...

Martin Luther King Jr.... I have a dream... out of pain...

Caleb.. He could have asked for conquere lands... but asked for a difficult one... Give me that mountain.

If it is small... you just need your ability, your guts... you don’t need God. You can get the glory afterwards.


1. Our Choir and Worship Team... whenthey work hard... a bigger assembly...

2. When we go for 200...

BUt this is a recipe for failure... for disaster. That will lead you to the next prayer... Let your hand be with me.... I need your presence.

BLESS Me indeed!!!!

Enlarge my life, my influence, my territory...

God granted his request.


1. You’ve Got to Really want it.

It is not just one of the options, one of the choices in your life... t is not one of those good things that you can say: If l can get it... good. If not, ok lang. It is morethan just a wish... Sana nga. You must have that intense desire, that deep longing... it is thirst that can not be quenced by other things.

Time Magazine told the story of a man and his team who climbed the peak of Mt. Everest... last May 24. There wre others who had done it before... but why would Time Magazine put this man on its cover... because Erik Weihenmayer, the heart and soul ofthe team is blind... was blind since thirteen. NOw l can understand people... graduating valedictorian, writing 6000 gospel songs, talented singers who are blind. I have seen one performed... One song writer of the recent decades was a favorite. BUt a blind man climbing the stiff, icy, treacherous 29,035 feet peak of Everest... (Planes go that much or 34... The pilot announces ... we shall be cruising at 27,000 feet on the air) It is impossible... even for people with both eyes.

Consider the dangers why so many turned bacck from CAmp 3 or 4.

1. You can fall through the ice shelf...

2. Get waylaid by Avalanche

3. Cerebral edemas from lack of oxygen, the brain literally swell out, feel sleepy then take a nap... forever,,, at Camp 4 which is 26000 feet the hearts go wild, brain function decreases, blood thickens, intestines shutdown, all climbers wore goggles and oxygen masks.

4. Before reaching Camp 4 you have been Onthe Mountain for 2 months... Dante’s inferno.

So many turned back. Recprd showed that 90% of climbers never reched the summit, and 165 never came back home since 1953.In the case of Erik... it took 13 hours just to walk from base camp to cmp 1... when they were at Camp 4 most of them have fevers, nauseating, dysentery, at 30 degrees below zero, at the peak is 165 km/h wind and on their body was 5 cm. of snow.

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