Summary: Somanytimes people quote the 100 Psalms, but do they full understand its meaning.

“A Song of Praise”

Psalms 100

Elder M.L. Maughmer, Jr.

Next to the 23rd Psalms, the 100th Psalms is probably the most quoted Psalms in the Bible. However it is good to be able to quote the 100 division of Psalms, but to fully understand the meaning of 100 Psalms is deeper than just being able to quote the words.

There are 7 admonishments given in the 100 Psalms, 3 reasons on why we are given the 7 admonishments. Understand that numbers in the Bible play a very important and significant part.

Admonish - 1 a : to indicate duties or obligations to b : to express warning or disapproval to especially in a gentle, earnest, or solicitous manner 2 : to give friendly earnest advice or encouragement to.

The number 7 is God’s number and is the most mentioned number in the Bible. It represents perfection and completeness.

The number 3 is the second most mentioned number in the Bible. It represents fullness, this is the whole concept behind TRINITY - 3, it’s the fullness of God. 3 = fulness Father, Son, Holy Ghost. Death, Burial, Resurrection. Blue, Purple, Scarlet. Goat’s Hair, Ram Skin, Badger Skins. Outer court, Inner court, Holy of Holies.

The number 10 means Divine Order and mans responsibility, Law. Thus we have the Ten Commandments, the Ten Plagues that were brought upon Egypt.

7 admonitions + 3 reasons = 10- Divine order and mans responsibility to those orders.

The number 100 means Election and represents the Children of Promise.

Therefore the 100th division of Psalms is a Perfected Song of Praise that the Children of Promise are fully admonished to give by divine order.

Verse #1: “Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.” 1st Admonishment.

A.) The word make = to cause to happen, it is a command to bring into existence, to appear.

B.) The word joyful = an expression of happiness, a feeling of exuberance. 7 times in the book of Psalms we are commanded to make a joyful noise unto God.

Psalms 66:1, 81:1, 95:1,2, 98:4,6, 100:1. Therefore it is a perfect command to the Children of Promise. A joyful noise is perfected praise unto God.

C.) Unto the Lord. - NOT MAN. Man has this stipulation, I can’t sing, therefore I am unable to give God praise. Understand you are giving God praise and the Word says a joyful noise. No where in the Bible does it says man satisfying or pleasing praise.

D.) All ye lands = Symbolic of People of every nations and tongue.

Verse #2: “ Serve the Lord with gladness; come before his presence with singing.” 2nd & 3rd Admonishments.

A.) Serve 2nd = to be of use, to wait upon, to entreat with.

B.) Gladness = having a cheerful or happy disposition and nature, pleased, satisfied.

C.) Come 3rd = an invitation to move in the vicinity of with a specified purpose.

1. His presence

D.) Signing = to relate or celebrate something in verse, to create feeling in words of song.

Verse #3: 4th Admonishment. “Know ye not that the Lord he is God; it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.”

A.) Know = to perceive directly, to have direct cognition, to have understanding, to be aware of the truth. Know ye not is a question of your understanding. Don’t you understand that the Lord is God, it is he that has made us, we are incapable of doing anything without him, we are his people and his sheep.

Verse #4: 5th 6th & 7th Admonishments. “Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise; be thankful unto him, and bless his name.” As we have discussed in the opening of this lesson the number 3 is very important in the Bible, it represents fulness. Here we find the last 3 admonishments which is representative of fulness. However, there is something else and that is they are all in the 4th verse. The number 4 represents creative works or creation.

These 3 admonishments, which represent fulness are in the 4th verse to show what creative works of man, the Children of Promise, is required.

A.) Enter = to come in or go in, to make a beginning, to gain admission. Into his gates, this is the part many people fail to understand and that is the gates.

GATES: This refers to the gates of the Tabernacle. Once you fully understand the importance of the gates then you will know why we should enter into them with thanksgiving. The materials used for the gate of the court of the Tabernacle were blue, purple, and scarlet thread and fine woven linen, remember the power and importance of 3, fulness. The height of the gate was 2.25 m, and its width was about 9 m. It was a screen woven of blue, purple, and scarlet thread and fine woven linen, which was hung on four pillars. As such, whenever one tried to enter into the court of the Tabernacle, he/she could easily find its gate. Just as today Jesus is the Gate and he is easy to find.

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