Summary: Entering into your God given Destiny is not automatic.You need to exert your strength and do whatever is in your power to do.

Entering Into Destiny Destiny is like pregnancy. The joy is not in getting pregnant, rather the rejoicing is in giving birth. Just like there are people who get pregnant but are never able to deliver successfully, there are a lot of people with glorious destiny without the ability to give birth.

Isaiah 37:3b …for the children are come to birth and there is no strength to bring forth.

To enter into your glorious destiny you need strength to bring forth. There are fivefold strength I will like to emphasize

1.Physical Strength:

Destiny is not for the sickly and the sleepy. You must be physically strong. By all means you must endeavor to stay healthy. Destiny is a marathon race, you need stamina to run.

How To Secure Physical Strength

1.Believe God for divine health

2.Find time to relax and rest whenever your body need sit

3.Eat good food…which may not necessarily be expensive

4.Venienti Occurrite Morbo.Attack the first symptom of disease,don’t wait until you are down before you do something about your health

5.Maintain personal hygiene

6.Drink enough fluid and eat sufficient fruit

2.Mental Strength:

Ideas which are the vehicles of destiny are bye products of mental exertion and heaven imputed thoughts. It means you can’t secure an idea without thinking! Do you intend to enter destiny then think…meditate…use your brain. Develop your mental prowess. Even the scripture says “come, let us reason together”. Every colorful destiny you see today is a product of intensive reasoning, genuine thinking and deep meditation.

Luke 14:28 For which of you, intending to build a tower, sitteth not down first, and counteth the cost, whether he have sufficient to finish

The deeper your thoughts ,the higher your tower in life. If you don’t sit to think, you won’t be able to stand where it matters. It’s when you think better that you achieve better. The two major ways to develop your mental power are by studying and reading.

Yeah, Study. If you don’t study, you will appear stupid. It is by studying that you can stretch your mental muscles and increase its capacity

3.Spiritual Strength:

Destiny is not funfair, it is warfare. Remember we are not fighting against flesh and blood! There are powers of darkness, spiritual wickedness. territorial demons who will like to see you fail. It is through your spiritual strength that you can resist them.

How Do You Gain Spiritual Strength

1. Continuous and regular prayers

2. Knowledge.You need to know you status as a child of God, Know your God(…they who do know their God shall be strong and do exploits) and know the devices of the devil

3. Holy Living

4.Quietness. Spiritual power is lost when you talk too much…and you know, in multitudes of word s there wanteth no sin

4.Emotional Strength:

”If thou faint in the day of adversity thy strength is small” You need ability to stay calm and composed under pressure and provocation. On the path of destiny there will be times of trial, troubles and tests. You need high emotional stability to stand. Thank God for Jephtaph, he was sent out of his father’s house yet he did not cry or attempt to commit suicide. Joseph also was one man with high emotional strength…or how do you explain his exploits right inside the prison. Somebody else would have been moody, downcast and discouraged. Not Joseph, he was busy attending to the needs of other prisoners! To build up your emotions you need to: think positively, have confidence in yourself, your God and your future, affirm regularly what you will do to your Goliath without fear, rejoice without restraint and speak positively

5.Social Strength

Destiny cannot be fulfilled alone. You will need the input of others…therefore you must know how to relate with people, how to say no to bad friends, how to communicate and win the admiration of others and how to network effectively.

Jesus is our example…

a. He was able to remain physically healthy throughout his sojourn…or did you hear that he was admitted in the hospital for treatment? He knew how to retreat into the wilderness whenever he needed to rest.

b. His mental alertness could not be questioned. Remember the time when the Pharisees wanted to corner him: a woman caught in adultery was brought to him, if he set the woman free they will accuse him of working against the law, if he told them to kill her they will fault his love for sinners.Jesus simply bend down to think and later said he that is without sin should cast the first stone! That’s wisdom

c. Spiritually he was anointed without measure

d. Emotionally, he was not easily moved: Inside the storm he was sleeping!

e. Socially Jesus broke all manner of barriers with his interpersonal skills. He related with the woman of Samaria and was able to befriend Zacchaeus. Even kids cannot but swarm all around him. No wonder he finished his course and ran his race. May the almighty God grant you strength to deliver that great destiny you are pregnant with, in Jesus name

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