6-Week Series: Against All Odds


Summary: Epaphrodus was another example of a Christ-Centered life.

#20 8-12-07

Epaphroditus, a Bright Shinning Star

Text, Philippians 2:25-30


1) We are to follow the stars, no not as some who believe in astrology.

2) Many follow movie stars, rock stars, and sports stars.

3) We become like those we esteem, so we need follow the good examples those

Who are scriptural heroes. Such as the example of Christ, apostle Paul, the


I. Epaphroditus’ background and character

A. He was from the church of Philippi

1. He held no position that is ever mentioned. He had no position of prominence.

2. He wasn’t a preacher, teacher of an evangelist.

B. He was a messenger (2:25)

1. He was sent with the love offering for apostle Paul

2. He most have been trusted and respected.

C. He was a minister to Paul

1. He stayed with Paul to minister to his needs while Paul was under house

arrest in Rome.

2. He risked his life to be with Paul during his trial. He could have been charged

along with Paul.

3. He sacrificed his time and abilities for God

II. Epaphroditus’ Ranking with Apostle Paul

A. “My brother”

1. Speaks of a close relationship with Paul.

2. Their relationship was closer than a friendship

B. “My fellow worker”

1. Fellow means closeness in partnership, and being of equal rank

2. He was doing God’s work

3. Paul considered Epaphroditus as being equal in their level of dignity and


C. “My fellow soldier”

1. Fellow means equal rank

2. Soldier speaks that we are in a battle against the powers of darkness. He had

gotten sick and almost died.

III. How Men like Epaphroditus are to be treated

A. Rejoice in their accomplishments (2:28)

1. The Philippian church could have viewed him as a failure because he hadn’t

Stayed with Paul was the full duration.

2. Rejoice in what was accomplished

Illustration; To have a 400 average as a professional baseball player is considered very good. That means that he misses the ball 60% of the time. In ministry we will not always be completely

successful so we must focus on the success not the failure.

B. Receive them in the Lord (2:29a)

Give them a favorable and glad acceptance.

C. Regard them highly (2:29b)

1. Treat them with respect

2. Honor them

What kind of an Epaphroditus are you?

What kind of work are you doing for God?

Do you think your work for God is insignificant?

What kind of a soldier are you in the battle between the forces of darkness and the

Kingdom of God?

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