Summary: A message dealing with Israel’s exodus from Egypt, the enemies they faced, and how they fought effectively !

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Escape From Evil

I. Freedom From Enslavement. Exodus 12

a. The Source Of Their Enslavement. Exodus 1:8-11

The people of God co-existed with the Egyptians until after the death of Joseph. After his death, there arose a Pharaoh who did not know him. The people of God were soon enslaved by the Egyptians. Taskmasters were appointed over them, and the people were forced to do their work. They labored building cities for the Pharaoh to hold his treasures. The people of God dwelt in Egypt for 430 years !

b. The Sacrifice For Their Emancipation. Exodus 12:21-32

God sent Moses to persuade Pharaoh to let the people go. Pharaoh would not listen to the words of Moses, and Aaron, but instead he hardened his heart. God sent plagues upon Pharaoh, and his people, but he hardened his heart the more. None of the plagues persuaded Pharaoh to release the people of God. There was only one source of freedom, and that was through the blood of a lamb. Not just any lamb, but one that was perfect, without spot, without blemish. Provision was made for everyone. If a house was too small for a lamb, then neighbors could sacrifice a lamb together.

c. The Supplies For Their Exodus. Exodus 12:36

The people of God would need supplies for their journey as they departed from Egypt, and into the wilderness. They had been slaves, and thus their belongings would have been meager. However, God made sure that they had what they needed as they exited Egypt. The Lord gave them favor in the sight of the Egyptians where there once was contempt. And the Egyptians gave them the things that they needed.

Exodus 13:21 God himself was their guide by day in a cloud, and at night a pillar of fire !

II. Facing Their Enemies.

a. The Enemy Of The Past. Exodus 14:4

Pharaoh followed after them !

Once it was made known to Pharaoh that the people had left. God hardened his heart, and he commanded his army to chase them down ! Their enemy of the past was hot on their heals.

b. The Enemy Within The People. Exodus 14:10-12

As the enemy approached, the faith of the people became unraveled. They begin to question God, and Moses his leader. Of course, God miraculously intervened, and swallowed up the Pharaoh and his army in the Red Sea.

Yet the enemy within would continue to to cause conflict.

Exodus 16:1-3 Two months and fifteen days into their journey the enemy within the people struck again. They begin to murmur and complain, and wished that they had died in Egypt.

Yet, God provided for the needs of the people by sending them bread from heaven. 16:4

For 40 years God would provide them bread from heaven. 16:35

Soon the children of Israel would pitch their tents at Rephidim (a place of rest). Exodus 17:1-3

The enemy within strikes again. The people of God begin to complain because there was no water to drink ! Their complaining turned to comflict ! Again, they questioned why God would bring them out of Egypt to let them die in the wilderness. The conflict became so bad that the people were almost to the point of stoning Moses ! 17:4

God miraculously intervened again my provided water from the Rock at Horeb(desolate) 17:6

c. The Enemy Against Progress. 17:8

Then came Amalek................

Pharaoh and his army were drown in the Red Sea.......but now comes Amalek !

The enemy of progress now confronts the people of God. Some believe that Amalek was a descendant of Esau who if you remember sold his inheritance because of the weakness of his flesh ! His descendants became known as the Amalekites, and were a chief enemy of God’s people.

The conflict mentioned in this scripture would be the first of what would become a long series of battles.

They were one of the enemies that they engaged as they sought to enter the promised land. Israel would continue to battle with them after occupying the promised land in the days of the Judges. Saul would do battle with them as would David.

The Amalekites were a thorn in the side of the people of God.

III. Fighting With Effectiveness. Exodus 17:9-13

In their battle with Amalek, they discover a way to fight with effectiveness.

a. Effectiveness requires people. 17:9-10

Some were chosen by Joshua to go out and fight. Moses stood on top of the hill with the rod of God in his hand to oversee the battle. Aaron and Hur were with him to give him assistance.

They needed the help of each other in fighting the battle !

b. Effectiveness requires prayer 17:11

As long as Moses held his hands up in the air, the people of God prevailed over Amalek, but when he let his hands down, Amalek prevailed ! The key then to victory is keeping his hands up ! However, in the course of the battle, his hands become heavy. Aaron and Hur intercede by providing him with a stone to sat on, and by helping to keep his hands up by getting on either side, and supporting his hands !

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