Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Continueing series on the spiritual truths found in the Book of Esther

Esther Part III

Read Chap 2 and pray


King is nearly converted but there is trouble ahead!

Intro: Joy of a new believer is wonderful to see,

but no believer walks under constant

Blue Skys. ( Joy & Sorrow walk hand in hand )

Out of death comes life..... physically / Spiritually. True joy to learn mystery of the cross. ie. The power of the resurrection + the fellowship of His suffering...

Very few people ever seek to reach that place.



Reported after Marriage of King to Esther ( 2:19- 23 )

a. Initial Indication of existence of Evil Force at work in the Kingdom to destroy

the King. ( Soul ) Satan w/Peter

Review: King = soul of man

Kingdom = Sphere of influence of out life.

Capital City = Our bodies

Queen Vasti= Fallen human Spirit - That died in the garden.

Queen Esther = Renewed or born-again spirit.

Mordecai = The Holy Spirit

Haman = Satan

1. Before actual Union of King & Esther. ( Soul / Renewed Spirit of man)

Mordecai is already protecting the King

Just as the Holy Spirit does in our lives before salvation.

Event is recorded and will later be brought to the Kings ( souls) attention.

A. But for now, he is totally unaware of Mordecai actions.

Illis: w/ car accidents and broken leg

1. Mordecai - seen sitting at the gate of the capital city.

a. But not yet in the palace. Pre salvation

2. Immediate Threats Enemies of the King ( soul) were destroyed.

Hanged on gallows literally impaled on a board.

a. Strong parallel Kings experience and the principle of the Cross of Christ

( Co. 2:13-15 )

b. The cross is the means that God uses to destroy evil.

3. But Deeds of Bigtha & Tenesh are recorded in the Book that the King has access to.

a. Likewise subconsciously our experiences are recorded prior to salvation.

or if you are backslidden and away from the Lord.

But Now the stage is set for the final battle for the Kings Salvation. Life domain.

II. INTRO OF HAMAN THE AGAGITE ( Read Esther 3:1-5 )

Write in your Bible, Haman is symbolic of satan.

A. Agagite: means defective work. = Descendent of ancient enemy of Israel Agag

1. In the days of King Saul, and Amelek agags king.

( read I Sam. 15: 1-3, 17-19.)

a. Why was God so angry with amalek ( agags king) EX. 17:8-11

Amelek = the grandson of Esau. ( Jacob I loved btu esau Ive hated. )


Presumed to find good in what God had called totally evil.

* Filthy communications: off color stories, Tv shows, soaps. etc

* Gossip - we call it sharing.

* Idolitry - We call it hobby, work etc.

Sin by anyother name is still sin. If God said destroy it then destroy it

Whatsoever things are lovely pure honest good report noble think on these things.

READ I SAM. 15:8-10

1. There is in every life this satanic principle at work:

Called Pride - Sin - the Flesh

a. Men ( flesh) never so happy as when the world around them is bowing to

them. Doing obeisance to them.

b. Pride loves to be flattered.

1. Saul has slain his thousands - would have been great if women stopped


2. Devil tried that on Jesus in the wilderness but Jesus said don’t go there

it is written.

C. Haman will have this same problem with Mordecai.

Satan has that problem with the Holy Spirit,

Gal. 5:17, vs. 19-25 contrast satanic fleshly vs. The Holy Spirit.

Rom. 8:7 read

Story of diff. Between Haman and Mordecai

a. And no matter how respectable a proud person appears he is unacceptable to God

Mordecai will later turn satans or hamans own device of destruction against him.

b. That the reason the Holy Spirit has made a beachhead in our lives.

( Iraq in Kuwait ) Emblematic of the spiritual battle.

He’s done it to oppose & overthrow all satanic influence with us.

All the cunning devices the devil has planned against us.

1. The presence of the Holy Spirit in us arouses the flesh.

2. When first saved all glory. Then made aware of a battle for our soul.


1. As long as haman has a sear of power in our capital city our palace, our whole

Kingdom is evvected by his evil design.

2. Communion between the King ( soul) and Queen ( spirit ) is affected.

Even in saved lives, its the beginning of backsliding, slow suttle seperation.

Truth in statement: A man is known by the friends he keeps.

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