Summary: FOR THIS COURSE, I was born, and FOR THIS COURSE I have come into the world, that I should bear witness to the truth

Sermon Title: Esther

Long time ago, there was a girl called Hadassah. She is a very beautiful girl and was a Jewish. Her parents died at her young age. So her cousin name Mordecai decided to take care of her. One day King Xerxes, the king of Persia gave a notice to all cities wanting to find a beautiful wife for himself. When they came to her house, of course they find Hadassah, and they want to bring her back to the palace.

"Please don’t make me go,” Hadassah begged them.

"I’m happy where I am. I certainly don’t want to be a Queen. Besides, I’m Jewish and the King isn’t. There are lots of Persian girls entering the beauty contest – they don’t need me.”

"You have to enter and that is final. Besides, there are so many girls entering, you likely won’t be chosen anyways,” Mordecai assured her. Before she went…

Mordecai said, "Hadassah, wait. There is one last thing you must promise me."

"Yes?" said Esther,

"You must not let ANYONE know that you are a Jew. Do you understand?"

She nodded sadly, "Yes, I understand."

When Hadassah was falling asleep that night, she began to think about what it would be like at the palace. She’d have to spend an entire year there, away from family and friends, before the King would even choose his new bride. “Ah well,” she thought, “at least I’ll get to return home after that. After all there’s no way the King would end up picking a peasant, Jewish girl as his Queen –”

The next morning, Hadassah packed her bags. She was happy that her cousin would be able to visit her quite often as he worked at the palace as a minor official. Hadassah carefully combed her long dark hair and gazed longingly out the window. She’d miss the sights and sounds of her home and wanted to commit every detail to memory.

Before Hadassah went, she told her cousin. "I hope I’m not chosen to be the Queen. I prayed all last night that God would make the King choose someone else."

Mordecai--“Esther! You mustn’t pray only for what you want, but for what God wants for you.”

Esther look at her.

Mordecai-"What I mean is…that God may not always give us what we want, but he does provide us everything we need. You can’t just ask for what you want all the time, because it might not be what God wants. So you must ask for what God wants."

Esther- "But … I don’t know what God wants. How can I pray for something I don’t know?"

Mordecai said, "Well, you could simply pray, ’God, I want whatever you want. I put my trust in You.’

Esther- ok I understand, I will pray. God, if you want me to be Queen, then I will be happy with your decision. Please help me do my best to be a good one’?" Esther asked.

Mordecai smiled and kissed Esther on the forehead, “That sounds perfect.”

So, Hadassah was send to the palace.

Twelve months passed and it was time for Hadassah to go see the King. As Hegai (a man who has been taking care of Hadassah) led the beautiful girl to the King’s palace, people stopped to stare at her gentle beauty.

When they had reached the throne room, Hadassah took a deep breath and knelt before King Xerxes.

"Dear God," she prayed silently, "give me the strength to do Your will.”

The King gazed down at Esther. “My goodness,” he thought, “this one is young. She’s very beautiful, but I don’t know…”

It was at that moment that Esther finished her silent prayer. Without thinking, she raised her head (something she shouldn’t really have done without the King’s permission) The look on her face was so sincere, it increased her beauty ten-fold – and the King’s heart was melted.

He broke into a wide smile, happy that he’d finally found his bride, "What is your name?"

Hadassah, bowed her head and looked at the floor. "Hadassah, my lord."

"Hadassah, it’s alright you can look up now," said the King. She looked up at his smiling face and blushed slightly, which pleased him too.

"You have a beauty beyond all beauty. Beauty of the flesh and of the heart!" he exclaimed.

King Xerxes beckoned to Hegai, "This woman, Hegai, shall be my Queen. So Hadassah became the queen in Persia.

One day, Mordecai Hadassah’s’ cousin sighed and leaned against the inside walls of the castle. He missed Hadassah. He was saddened that she had to hide the fact that she was a Jew from the King. It was all so dangerous for her… and she was so young. What if...

Mordecai shook his head. "It is not good to think of such things," he thought to himself. "Hadassah will be fine."

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