Summary: evangelism for everybody

New ways of Evangelism

Beach bunny – why because this is for people who are enjoying God’s creation

Did you know that God Loves you and he made this beach for you to enjoy

Student Evangelism

You need an eraser because Jesus can rub out all your mistakes

Bumper Stickers Honk if you know God loves you

Works well in traffic jams

Such profound truth yet people see it as cheesy

In this simple statement we have God’s answer to the problem of Sin

Once upon a time

Chapter Two Abraham – God loves you

Chapter 3-10 well that’s a disaster

Then in chapter 11 God sends Jesus to get the plot back on track

After that for the remaining chapters God leaves the Church to tell the world that God Loves you.

So what went wrong

Well I Guess in our frantic efforts to get the message out we turned God loves you into slogans on novelties

And the words of john 3:16 got made into a slogan that gets hung over the handrails at sports games in America,

Somewhere we’ve largely lost the plot

We’ve grown cynical with the words

And the world just think it’s a joke

It’s that Cheap that we find it hard to take it seriously,

And if we can’t take the words God loves you seriously what chance do we have that the world or even the Church will understand the rest of the message.

You see unless we really know that God loves us then how could we ever except the fact that Jesus died for us

How could we possibly accept that God has forgiven us

If it’s all a joke then what is the point

I ask this question because I have come across many people who have thought this

Because we’ve made it so cheap it hard for anyone to take God seriously.

So we have a problem, is God for real

Does he really mean what he says?

Does he really love us?

Is he 4 Real?

At the end of the day I think most of us have one question

Are you 4 real??

I remember reading an article about a guy Richie Edwards of the Manic street preachers, and how he carved the words 4 real into his arm.

After that people started to take them a bit more seriously.

In his own blood he wrote the words 4 real

In Romans 5:8 Paul Talks about How God showed he loved us by having Christ Die for us

In Jesus That is exactly what God did

He allowed his son to crave the words 4 real

God Loves you 4 Real

And because he loves you 4 real you can guarantee he can forgive you 4 real

The words God Loves you were not dreamt up in some mass produce novelty factory

But on the body of his own son.

And the scars from that will not heal

You can guarantee that what he says is true.

It’s a promise that has been sealed in blood

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