Summary: How can I make it through my unbearable hardship?

Even Great Faith Needs a Mediator

Job 9

PROPOSITION: Because Christ victoriously conquered suffering, rest in Him to carry you through your hardships.

I. Submit to God’s working in your life. 9:1-13

A. I know the doctrine of God’s justice! (1)

1. He is holy and just.

2. He cannot pervert justice.

B. I know the doctrine of God’s omniscience and omnipotence! (2-12)

1. God’s wisdom and power identified (1-4).

a. Job quickly acknowledges his own inability to argue his case (3).

b. Job’s problem: His inability to prove His righteousness (3).

c. Nobody can defy such a strong and wise God successfully (4).

2. God’s wisdom and power explained (5-13).

a. God’s power over creation described (5-7).

b. God’s acts of wisdom in creation (8-10).

c. God’s victory over foes (11-13).

II. Submit to God’s will for your life. 9:14-35

A. How then can I dispute with God? (14-24)

1. Job has no case to argue before God (14-19).

a. I need His mercy (14-15).

b. I need His attention (16).

c. I am unfairly tested (17-18).

d. I have no grounds to contend with God (19).

2. Job cannot defend himself in court (20-24).

a. my words would prove me guilty (20).

b. my anguish has no escape (21).

c. my God treats the righteous and wicked the same (22-24).

B. How then can I prove my innocence? (25-35)

1. Why do I labor in vain (25-31)?

a. His life is swiftly passing (25-26).

b. His futility with self-effort (27-31).

2. Why, I need an arbiter (32-35).

a. The distance between God and man is too great (32).

b. Job grasps for any means to restore his relationship with God (33).

c. If I had a mediator I could approach God without fear (34).

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