Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Any old excuse will do...for serving The Lord

This morning I’m going to give yall an opportunity to exercise. Yeah, I’ll let yall change seats. This will be your only chance though. I just want to make sure that you are comfortable where you are.

Now for the reason why. I was led to pray over certain chairs here this morning before you came in. I feel God is really going to be working on some of you sitting in those seats this morning. I don’t even remember which seats they are, but He does.

So lets talk this morning about "Buts". We all have them, they are usually pretty big, though some may be bigger than most, but we all have them. Some are so big that others try to hide behind them. Some of us use them more than others, however they always end up getting in the way.

Are any of these buts familiar? But I can’t! But I’m too old! But I’m too young! But I don’t have an education! But I don’t have any money! But I’m in the wrong job! But I’m in bad health! But I’ve been through so much! But I don’t have anything to offer the church! But, but, But…My what big buts we have. Notice how they all start….But I!

God had a big but too, you know. His all started with But, God! This little phrase shows up sixty-six times in the Bible. Where as our buts are excuses, Gods buts are his response to Satan’s challenge. The world says no – “but God” says yes.

The world says can’t – “but God” says can. The world says won’t -- :but God” says will. The world says stop – “but God” says go. The world says don’t – “but God” says do. The world says defeat – “but God” says victory!

See the difference here. Our but is an excuse. An excuse not to do something. There’s a quote that puts it into a little perspective: the origin of every excuse is the failure to do something!

Deion "Prime Time" Sanders, former outfielder for the Atlanta Braves and cornerback for the Atlanta Falcons, is the only athlete to have hit a Major League home run and scored an NFL touchdown in the same week. Sanders grew up on the mean streets of Fort Myers, Fla., where exposure to some would-be athletes spurred him to make a success of himself. He explains: "I call them Idas. ’If I’da done this, I’d be making three million today...If I’da practiced a little harder, I’d be a superstar.’ They were as fast as me when they were kids, but instead of working for their dreams they chose drugs and a life of street corners. When I was young, I had practice; my friends who didn’t went straight to the streets and never left. That moment after school is the moment we need to grab. We don’t need any more Idas!

You need to realize that Ida is who you’ll become if you don’t get rid of your buts! But comes from the Old English word butan which means without. Its so funny that the people who are self-proclaimed holy, saved, and sanctified; The ones who can stand up in Bible study and tell you how strong in the Lord they are! Then when you ask them to do something: lets go feet on the street and evangelize! I need you to emcee this program for me. Their response is “I would but!” If you so holy, saved, and sanctified, you’d know Psalm 23:1 that says “the Lord is my shepherd I shall not want!” I shall not want means I shall not be without! I shall not be without means I ain’t got no business with a but! What could you possibly be without if you got God?

In our text, a certain man made a great supper and invited many guests. I need to explain to you that back then it was customary to send out two invitations. The first one announced the event and the second one told the invited guests that it was ready. When the certain man sent his servant around to remind the guests that the supper was ready, the Bible says they consented and began to make excuses. They all found out some pretence or other to shift off their attendance.

Two were purchasers. One had bought a piece of ground, which was presented to him to be a good bargain, and he had to go and see whether it was good or not. He had a business but. You can become too involved with business operations. I understand you have to make a living. I do too! But when your job takes away from Jesus you’ve got problems! When you can’t make it to church because you have to work on Sunday, even though God said remember the Sabbath to keep it holy, you’ve got problems! A person’s business or profession must not be allowed to consume one’s life. God is to be the center of your life!

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