Summary: Even when we don’t recognize it, Even when our days are not going according to plan, God is still on his throne.

The worried housewife sprang to the telephone when it rang and listened with relief to the kindly voice in her ear.

“How is your day going Dear?” Asked the voice on the


"Oh, Mother," said the housewife, breaking into bitter tears, "I’ve had such a bad day. The baby won’t eat, the washing machine broke down. I haven’t had a chance to go shopping, I’ve just sprained my ankle, and I have to hobble around. On top of that, the house is a mess, and I’m supposed to have two couples to dinner tonight.

The mother was shocked and was at once all sympathy.

"Oh, darling," she said, "sit down, relax, and close your eyes. I’ll be over in half an hour. I’ll do your shopping, clean up the house, and cook your dinner for you. I’ll feed the baby, and I know this great repairman who will be at your house promptly to fix the washing machine. Now stop crying. I’ll take care of everything. In fact, I’ll even call George at the office and tell him he ought to come home and help out."

"George?" said the housewife. "Who’s George?"

"Why George! Your husband! ........ Is this 223-1374?"

"No, this is 223-1375."

"Oh, I’m sorry. I guess I dialed the wrong number, but your voice sounds just like my daughter’s."

There was a short pause, and the housewife said, "Does this mean you’re not coming over, after all?"

I know you’ve all had one of those days when you really

wondered if it was worth getting out of bed. I know I have had my share of them and I want to reflect today on what those days are all about and how we can rise above those days when they occur.

Often, our first instinct on days like that is to bemoan the fact that life is not fair. To wonder what we possibly could have done to deserve such a day or even to wonder if God is really concerned with what is going on in our lives.

I want to assure you that no matter what happens in our

lives, God IS in control even when it seems as though

nothing could be further from the truth.

If Judy Frasier is right, the weather is going to change in a couple of days and we might actually start to see some of those winter weather conditions that we have managed to escape so far this year. When you wake up in a couple of days you might find that the temperatures have dropped and the snow has started falling and you will wonder what has happened to the sunshine...

The same happens to us in life in general sometimes.

Sometimes we are so used to things going right and the

skies around us are blue and sunny and then we wake up to a grey day and wonder what happened to everything that was previously right with our world. I want to assure you that God is still God... God is still on the throne even in the midst of those times when it seems that we are facing far to many obstacles and issues in our lives.

Jesus can still bring hope to us and can still be our source of strength even when it seems that our strength is at its lowest point. I know this sounds like a trivial point, but so often we are tempted to throw in the towel and allow frustration and fear to enter in to our lives and I want to tell you this morning as clearly as I possibly can that those thoughts are clearly not of God and are thrust upon us entirely by Satan himself to dissuade us from the pursuits of faith.

As many of you may be, I am often tempted to think that my life is not as meaningful or as full as it could be when I look at my lack of possesions... I sometimes feel that I should be having more influence in other people’s lives, that I should be more gifted or talented or more wealthy or whatever else might measure my status in the eyes of the world.

Then I am cofronted with the truths contained in our

scripture for today and I am clearly reminded of what it truly means to be a follow of Christ. I consider the promises of God that the writer of Hebrews puts forth in this passage. “God will never leave me... God will never forsake me... so I can say with confidence that the Lord is MY helper, I will not be afraid!” I consider the leaders who spoke to me as those leaders who spoke to the first readers of this letter two thousand years ago and I too can be encouraged. I consider that the lives of those who faithfully follow Christ may not have been lucrative or influential by the standards of the world, but that their lives were fruitful beyond measure in terms of eternal things. The outcome of their faithfulness has secured them a place in the Kingdom of God, but it has

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