Summary: Opportunities will come but with them will come adversaries and hardships. Do not give up!

1 Corinthians 16:9 For a great door and effectual is opened unto me, and there are many adversaries.

Every year is a great and open door for ministry, The sky is the limit. There are many needs so there is one or two somewhere you can meet whether you are 8 or 88.

God is on your side for ministry, When you were saved, He gave you at least one and possibly more spiritual gifts that you are to use for His glory, the health of the Body and even salvation of someone. You will never be content or joyful until you are exercising those gifts. You don't have them to put them on a shelf and let them gather dust like souvenirs.

There are always many adversaries whenever there are great opportunities. Your own flesh and excuses will fight you to try and keep you from the success He has for you. Friends and family may try to dissuade you. Grab the vision and opportunity no matter who is trying to wrest it from your grip!

If you are seeing an opportunity for some spiritual growth in your life you definitely have adversaries. The devil will attack your weaknesses to keep you in despair and defeat. Again, friends and family may tell you to not get too fanatical. Even Christians who are content in the their doldrums and mediocrity will try to "reason" with you that Jesus does not want you to be radical about your faith. Unbelievers will mock you.

Never give up! God has other ideas so just turn away from the naysayers and the devil. The devil is a liar and sincere people can be sincerely wrong.

Whatever God has shown you and called you to do, YOU CAN DO IT THROUGH HIS POWER! It might be tough. Nothing worth anything comes easy except your salvation. This is a battlefield and you are in the Lord's Army so endure hardness as a good soldier and fight on!

Great and effectual doors are open! This is to be your year of victory if you receive it. When He opens the doors run through them listening only to His voice! They can fire at you all they want, but God can deflect that fire as He sets you on fire for Him! Grab on to Jesus and enjoy the battle because it means the enemy is angry. which means victory will be even sweeter!

Alleluia! Maranatha!!!

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