Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Conquerors don’t give in to pressure! Pressure should draw the treasure out of you!

Every second counts!

Philippians 3:13”….one thing I do: forgetting what lies behind and straining forward to what lies ahead..”

Usain Bolt wins gold again by 0.01 sec! Bolt beats his rival Justin Gatlin to World Athletics Championships 100m at Beijing. For most of the 100m, they were pretty much matched stride for stride but it is the finish that was ace! It was a hair-raising and tantalizing moment! Just before the finish line, Bolt who was on Lane 5, glanced at Gatlin on Lane 7, sensing the danger, Bolt threw his weight forward in a dip of desperation and won in 9.79 seconds, 0.1 seconds faster than Gatlin! Phew! What an amazing effort! Justin Gatlin said: “Got nipped at the line by great Usian!” Conquerors don’t give in to pressure! Pressure should draw the treasure out of you!

Number of different injuries in the last two years had kept Usian Bolt from giving his best; however, with coach Glenn Mills, Usian was training harder and making changes in his training style. His hard work, determination, competitive spirit, consistent training and most important integrity in sports had once again won him laurels! Bolt, the six-time Olympic gold medalist and world record holder in both the 100m and 200m added: ”I just try to do what’s right by the rules of the IAAF, WADA and everybody. We all know the rules and we just have to abide them.”

Don’t allow your unexpected problems, sudden calamities, illness or hindrance in any form to jolt you or arrest you from giving your best performance. Until the finish line, things looked bleak for Usian but he mustered all his strength and lunged forward to win. Do that! That’s got to be the spirit! It was my daughter’s last semester at her Engineering College where she was studying her B.Tech; she was made to stand out of her exam hall for not paying her fees. This was the most humiliating and excruciating experience for my daughter and our family! She sobbed on the phone to me, I was helpless but as her parents and servants of the mighty God, we made a desperate, last dive to pray! Yes, we were not going to give in to pressure! It’s never too late to pray! With just half hour left, God did step in to provide us the funds! Someone had deposited money into our bank account just that morning! When you send ‘that’ offering to the ministry of God, this is how they would be blessed. How often do we take that extra effort to do an online transfer??? People procrastinate, delay and ultimately never do. While hate mails and lust mails are preserved, request for offering mails are ignored, deleted and shunned! We love freebies, anyway. Are you speculating, how could such last minute miracles happen? Correction please, miracles can happen even at the last second! My daughter completed her Engineering course with distinction marks in the same college, after a month got a job in a reputed multinational Organization and within two years received many recognition awards, appreciation and positions. Above all, the grace of God was taking care of our children! Our prayers were the pushing engine! I say this humbly to drive home the point that let nothing deter you from giving the best shot in whatever you do!

Hard work, integrity and consistency in practice and training takes you to the top!

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