Summary: Don’t give up on yourself. God can still use you to be a witness for him. He is not done writing your story.

Date: July 27, 2008

Title: Everyone and Everywhere.

Scripture: Mark 16: 15

This past week at VBS we’ve been talking about the miraculous power God makes available to us in order for us to be and experience all that he created us to be.

You heard it:

-on Monday: The power to be thankful.

-on Tuesday: The power to help others.

-on Wednesday: The power to be brave.

-on Thursday: The power to live forever.

Today’s challenge is “God gives us the power to tell others about Jesus” taken out of Mark chapter 16 (Go everywhere and tell everyone the good news).

Before we touch on that let me tell you about: (-Mo –Dave –Pete)

1.) Mo was adopted as an infant. He grew up not knowing his mother and father, though he was able to stay close to his brother and sister. From early on those around him could tell that Mo was a uniquely gifted child. He grew up in a wealthy man’s house and was educated in the one of the highest institutions of learning available. Mo knew how to walk the talk and live the life. Mo had it all going his way; rich, famous and powerful; tall, dark and handsome. Mo was first in line to take over for his step-father in one of the most powerful corporations in the country. Mo was on the front page of every newspaper for all the right reasons, until he was on the front page for all the wrong reasons. Taking the law in to his own hands, Mo brutally killed a man and fled for his life. Mo was a murderer.

2.) Dave was a very talented, athletic and bright young man. In his teenage years he demonstrated great feats of strength and skill in defeating his opponents in hand-to-hand combat. As he grew so did his reputation. At his place of employment he was noticed for his loyalty and determination even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. In his soldier days he led troops in successful battles and cunningly waged war with the enemy. Dave’s military tactics and strategies are studied to this very day in places like West Point. But that’s not all, Dave was also a very gifted and sought after singer, songwriter and musician. His poetic lyrics were known to soothe even the most disturbed of souls. Dave soon climbed the latter of fortune and fame and rose to great popularity. Through a series of fortunate events Dave rose early in his adult life to high positions of leadership and authority. The world seemed to be at his control until he lost control of himself and violated another man’s wife. Dave was an adulterer.

3.) Pete. Well, many would say there’s really nothing spectacular about him. He was quite ordinary, a very common man, in many ways like many of us guys here; he loved to fish and lie about the big one that got away. Pete was witty and quick to speak when something needed to be said. Unfortunately though, the only one that thought Pete had something important to say was Pete himself. He always seemed to have some expert advice on every topic of discussion. And if he disagreed with you, watch out, he would let you know it loud and clear, in no uncertain terms. Pete seemed to always be at the center of things and if he was reliable in any way, it was in the way he was unreliable. You see, Pete had a foot problem. It was often in his mouth. He was known to make promises he didn’t keep. Did that make him a liar? Yes, it did. Pete thought he was the one you could always count on when the going got tough until he recognized that he had let down his very best friend.

Why did I tell you these stories about Mo, Dave and Pete, stories of murder, adultery and back-stabbing? Not to say, “they’re no different than we are” but to point out that their stories don’t end there.

Maybe you’re here this morning and you feel their story sounds a lot like your story and you too believe God could never use you because you’ve had a bad day or 2, made some poor choices in life and believe you’ve ruined your ability to ever be used by God.

That’s where today’s challenge comes in. There is good news for you. Taken out of the gospel of Mark, chapter 16, verse 15 reads “go everywhere and tell everyone the good news.”

If you’re into baseball the good news is the Mets are leading the NL east division.

If you’re in to stocks there is good news if you have shares in Apple.

But the good news the gospel of Mark is talking about is something entirely different. According to God’s word we have reason to be thankful and it’s because by the grace of God, through faith alone in Christ for salvation, we will not receive what we deserve.

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