Summary: God loves us and gives us a generous portion of His grace and mercy to be able to feed, clothe ourselves, and exist in our right mind. However, God’s favor or goodwill goes farther than we expect it should.

Early this morning, I sat looking into the dark sky and the verses from Psalm 30: 5 entered my mind. I watched the shadows of darkness flee from the coming morning light and heard the word of God speak, ‘For his anger endures but a moment; in his favor is life.’ Suddenly, the noise of daybreak replaced the silence of nighttime, and the word of God continued to say, ‘weeping may endure for a night, but joy comes in the morning.’

God does get angry with us. Like a parent, God gets angry when His children are disobedient. We are disobedient to God when we do not follow the path toward righteousness given to us in His Holy Word. Like Adam and Eve, we know what the word of God has to say. However, we must read it for ourselves. We are disobedient when we allow Lucifer to trick us into doing the things God told us not to do. If we do not depend on man’s interpretation and understanding of what God told us to do and just do it, God will guide our path. He will order the very steps of the righteous man, woman, and child of God down the pathway of life.

Therefore, God is rightfully angry with us. Although there are numerous reasons for His anger, the most pressing is our constant denial to be what He designed us to be. Of all of God’s creation, man is the most like the creator. The most powerful entity in existence created humans in His image and likeness. When we deny the existence of God, our creator, we foolishly deny all the potentials and abilities that come with being a child of the most powerful entity in existence. Because of this, we have potentials and abilities that remain untapped.

Nevertheless, why would we not want to be like the one who created us? Our motivation not to be all that God created us to be is simple to explain. We refuse to be like God because we think it takes too much effort. We think it takes too much effort to love a person, so we choose to hate them instead. However, to hate, we must find a reason. We must look for a cause of dislike to rally behind. We must muster all our envy, strife, and stress, and then we must hate. Nevertheless, to love, we only have to look to our creator and do what He did. Although Adam and Eve gave Him a reason to hate, God loved them instead.

Additionally, God loves us in spite of our sins because there is a limit to God’s anger. Adam and Eve did sin, and God did evict them from paradise; still, God did not abandon them. He created a world just for them. God sacrificed one of His creations and covered Adam and Eve bare skin. Since they decided they were big enough to do what they wanted, God sent them on their way. God put them out of the garden of Humanities Beginnings to do what He designed them to do. Since Adam and Eve broke the house rules, God put them out of the garden to take over the world. However, God did not continue to be angry with them. He put them out of the garden; but He never left them alone.

This is because God is the God of Favor. God shows us kindness everyday because He wakes us from our sleep. God loves us and gives us a generous portion of His grace and mercy to be able to feed, clothe ourselves, and exist in our right mind. However, God’s favor or goodwill goes farther than we expect it should. For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten son. That personal sacrifice or unexpected display of favor from God is more than we could ever expect. It is certainly more than we are ready to display to others ourselves.

Of course, every human is favored to some degree by God. Besides the obvious benefits of joy and righteousness, the presence of God’s favor lengthens the days of our life. God’s favor allows us to achieve more than we could accomplish in the regular span of our lifetime. God’s favor gives us long life because God protects and shelters us under His care. Though thousands gets sick and die and in spite of the tens of thousands choosing to kill themselves, God favors us with long life, unmovable peace, and a good understanding that God’s goodness and mercy will be with us all of our lives. The more we please God, the more he will favor us. However, God’s favor is not material or worldly. God’s favor is a spiritual blessing that we obtain by praying to God, seeking His face, and keeping the commandments of the Lord.

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