Summary: Human beings usually focus their attention on one thing at a time, so if they are given anything interesting to focus on, they will not pay attention to what is of value to them.

Just as in a magic show, the major method at work when the destiny pickpockets prepare their attack is distraction. Human beings usually focus their attention on one thing at a time, so if they are given anything interesting to focus on, they will not pay attention to what is of value to them. In the pickpocketing world, distraction can get pretty elaborate. Two members of a team might stage a fight while the third member takes advantage of the inattentive crowd.

The devil is providing many people with pleasure and amusement whilst he is busy stealing their destinies. If one continues to attend senseless parties, it will not be long before being derailed from one’s God-given destiny. Demonic parties and baseless ceremonies are on the increase. Some people celebrate their birthdays twice a year, and satanic house warming to trap innocent people. A lot of people are living a life of uncertainty and bewilderment as they have fallen victims to these satanic distractions that have wiped them out completely. Foods and drinks at parties have become satanic baits to witchcraft initiations and dangerous evil seeds plantation. Wicked poisons are no longer exclusive to evil dreams, as a lot of people are now being poisoned with their eyes wide opened.

It is time to wake up from satanic mystification and perplexity. All the family rituals are demonic; they are geared toward satanic transactions and evil exchange.

On a “candy camera show” that depicted how easy it is to distract lots of people, an actor started by going down on all his fours on the ground searching for nothing. As he continued, the passers-by began to show interest in what the actor appeared to be deeply looking for on the ground. One by one they bent down to help him in looking for whatever he was looking for. And quietly the artist withdrew from searching and left a number of people still searching for nothing. This is how easy the devil distracts people through senseless engagements and appointments.

Many destinies have been destroyed by watching witchcraft films. Unfortunately, the most watched movies in the world are demonic ones, in which they initiate children at a very early age into sorcery. At a tender age they learn how to communicate with the devil or with familiar spirits. In a short time, the souls of such children are sold to Satan. It is a tragedy that even the government finds nothing wrong with these films. I wonder if they will ever link the soaring rate of teenage gun killings and blood thirsty knife-wielding adolescents to these satanic distractions and initiations.

Some youngsters, obviously inspired by satanic shows decided to examine the mystery of witchcraft. They bought different kinds of books on the subject and began a careful and detailed search for information on the subject. On the third night of their research, when they returned to their study, they were shocked by what they saw. The witchcraft books were floating in the air! They quickly abandoned the project. Witchcraft has been repackaged; I pray that the Lord God will open the eyes of His children to see the satanic snares and destructions. If voodoo can be purchased on the internet, there is no limit to the transportation of evil!

A woman had a problem purchasing her own property. She had a good job and she was financially okay to secure a mortgage. However, every effort she made concerning conveyance had failed. Whenever, she was close to closing a deal, it would fall through. It was a terrible and embarrassing failure pattern. She narrated her ordeal to me when she started coming to the church.

This woman became disheartened because her daughter, who had owned her own property for some years, decided to sell it to someone else. The woman thought it rational, for her daughter to consider selling the house to her first, knowing her predicament. She got her worst embarrassment when her daughter refused to sell to her, regardless of how good her offer was.

The woman was convinced she was facing a serious spiritual battle. After powerful deliverance prayers and fasting she continued to search for a property. Just as she was close to closing another deal, she started receiving relentless aggressive phone calls from her people back home in Africa. She refused to answer the calls and I encouraged her to see her purchase through before attending to any calls. To the “Glory of God” she eventually secured her own house. If she had answered those calls, that were indeed calculated evil distractions designed to thwart her breakthrough, she would have failed again. Evil distractions must be terminated in the name of Jesus.

Sometimes, the enemy will get close to a person, study his strength and weakness and hence prepare the best way to attack. Just as in the physical, occasionally the pickpockets do not want to distract you from your money; they want to bring your attention to it. For instance, one member of a pickpocket team might cry out "Somebody just stole my wallet!" in a crowded place. The instinctive reaction of most people is to make sure they still have their own wallet and valuables, so they will pat whatever pocket it is in. This therefore makes the pickpockets’ job a lot easier as it shows them precisely where to look. The wicked love to get close to people, know their weaknesses before they attack. These are the unfriendly friends or if you like satanic agents.

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