Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Study of theory of evolution.


(1) Other Evidences of Change

Anatomy refers to the structure of living things and to the branch of biology that studies this structure. From the forelimbs of vertebrate animals Weinberg draws resemblances from bone structures, comparison of brains and eyes, hearts and kidneys, and concludes that clearly they are remote cousins having the same common ancestor, whose descendants evolved along different lines to produce present day vertebrates.


There are certain omnivorous organs belonging to the human body whose specific functions are not known as yet. The appendix is one. Surgical removal of appendix in each generation of the same family for 20 generations (500 yrs.) would not produce 2 appendix-less offspring. Weisman cut off rat tails for 20 years but failed to produce a breed of tailless rats.

Vestiges, according to Weinberg, are useless organs which are in the process of disappearance, but have not completely vanished. Occasionally, (says Weinberg) babies are born with tails which the doctor clips off at birth.

The picture of the baby with the tail looks phony. Tails are a continuation of the tailbone, but in this photo the tail is attached to the center of the back. The could be a growth of some kind but certainly no tail. Century of Progress, 1933. No tails on embryos exhibited there. Jackalope: donkey + antelope. Barnam said that Americans like to be fooled, and offered as vast sum of money to anyone who could produce an ape man. Restorations are merely creatures of the imagination.

Being vertebrate is no proof of kinship. Fishes have no lungs, therefore no animal heat and very little blood. How could a fish with no eyelids give eyelids to man? Which has no ears give ears to man? Which has no hair give hair to man? Which has no lungs, hand, arms, feet, give them to man?

Man has no forerunner and no successor. If man was ever a creature of evolution, the processes were backwards and not forward. Man was full grown at the time of his advent into the world.

American Indians were artisans. Their tools show great evidence of craftsmanship. I have found bone tools, hematite tools, flint arrowheads, and stone hammers on the same campsite. Some were crude, and some were excellent, depending upon the material and ability of the craftsman. The Indians had a great system of irrigation, and a great culture.

The world’s earliest people were fashioned by and after the image of their creator. The creator would have been powerless indeed if He could not have created man complete in the beginning as easily as first creating 2 common ancestors and letting them evolve into man.

The missing links are still missing. The first missing link was built around 2 bones and 2 teeth. Dr. Dubois in 1891 found the bones of 27 animals on the Isle of Java. Movies show him finding a skull, thigh bone, 2 teeth, and the upper part of a skull. From these remains and a sufficient amount of plaster of Paris came the Java man, claimed to be 500,000 years old. It was later regarded as a hoax.

From several teeth and skull fragments, and portions of two lower jaws, which weren’t found all at once but over a period of seven years. Other bones were present. It was regarded as a missing link.

From Rhodesia came the “Old Man of Rhodesia”, given age of 300,000 years, which was formed from the skull of an extinct ape.

Piltdown man and turned out to be a lady and dated at 200,000 years of age. It was found with other bones over a period of 4 years in England.

Next came “Heidleberg “ man of Germany. It was a lower jaw which belonged to a large ape. All of these links were only wishful thinking, yet biology textbooks picture the descent of man as factual. Before accepting evolution as anything more than a theory, we should remember that to be an evolutionist does not require one to see things as they are, but to be able to imagine them as they might have been in prehistoric times.

To be able to reckon time by the age of the rocks which no two geologists will agree on.

Man was man’s first ancestor. According to the Bible, each form was complete at the time of its first appearance.

It is within man’s power to propagate new breeds and varieties among both plants and animals by interbreeding closely related species, but each and every species now in existence was created by the creator in the beginning. Creation could not have created itself. “Each species created after its kind”, according to the Bible.

1/10 of the claims of evolutionists are not found in observation and are wholly unsupported by facts.

Did the Horse Evolve?

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