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L.O.V.E. Like Christ . .

in Exalting our God

January 29, 2006 Jay Robison Deuteronomy 6:12-18

Deuteronomy 6 children of Israel entering into promised land

It was culmination of a miracle from slavery to promised land

But be careful! Do not forget the LORD vs 12 NCV

Forget God? How can we do that? Purpose to worship

Exalting=Worship which means WORTH-SHIP Old English

we engage our mind, emotions, & will

to gratefully acknowledge the worth of our God.

No other human activity as lofty as that of adoring God.

Worship is a verb active, how do we do it? In addition to Singing praying preaching reading, Bible says worship by; Sitting, I Chronicles 17:16 Standing, Psalm 33:8 Let all the earth fear the LORD; Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of Him. NKJV

Walking, Psalm 48:12

Dancing, Psalm 149:3 Let them praise his name w\dancing,

making melody to him with tambourine and lyre.

II Sam 6:16 As ark of LORD came into city of David

Michal saw King David leaping\dancing before LORD

Leaping Acts 3:8 crippled man who Jesus healed walking

leaping and praising God

Eyes up, Psalm 123:1

Eyes down, Luke 18:13 “The tax collector, standing at a

distance, would not even look up to heaven. But he beat on

his chest because he was so sad. He said, ‘God, have mercy

on me, a sinner.’

Bowing, & Kneeling, Psalm 95:6 Oh come, let us worship & bow down; Let us kneel before the LORD our Maker.

Face down, Revelation 7:11 All the angels stood around the throne and around the elders & the four living creatures, & they fell on their faces before the throne & worshiped God, Clapping, Psalm 47:1 , clap your hands, all you peoples!

Shout to God with the voice of triumph! NKJV

Lifting hands, Psalm 63:4 So I will bless you as long as I live; I will lift up my hands and call on your name.

Sitting, I Chron 17:16; Standing, Ps 33:8; Walking, Ps 48:12 ;

Dancing, Psalm 149:3; II Samuel 6:16; Leaping Acts 3:8;

Eyes up, Psalm 123:1; Eyes down, beating chest Luke 18:13;

Bowing, and Kneeling, Psalm 95:6; Face down, Rev 7:11;

Clapping, Psalm 47:1; Lifting hands, Psalm 63:4;

In all these focus was on God not the people

They were drawn into relationship w\God

& expressed their love for God

Worship is an interaction between people and God

Choose real God to worship but real people as well

Used to say: ecclesia reformata et semper reformanda. Latin

“The Church is reformed & always needing to be reformed.”

Never get it right. Respond to new waves of God’s spirit

Form for worship

The LORD your God you shall fear; him you shall serve,

and by his name alone you shall swear. Vs 13 NRSV

3 Components of Worship\Exalting God above expressions

Of worship Different


What does it mean to fear God?

Do we have to be afraid of God as a tyrant?

Quaking because he may haul off and smack us

Is God capricious unreasonable, unruly?

William Temple British preacher worship is to quicken the conscience by the Holiness of God; to feed the mind w\the truth of God; to purge the imagination by the beauty of God;

to open the heart to the love of God; to devote the will to the purpose of God.

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