Summary: Being tooted in God’s Word and Will results in a blessed life.

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Title: Examining Our Roots

Text: Psalm 1

The Big Idea: Being rooted in God results in a blessed life.


Roots… in 1977 we were introduced to the Roots made for TV Mini-Series

based on the book written by Alex Haley. It is the story of an American family that began in the year 1750 when slavers captured Kunta Kinte in Africa, transported him to America, and sold him into slavery. The story continued for six nights and twelve hours, through the Revolutionary and Civil Wars, spanning over one-hundred years of national history and six generations of family history.

Genealogists typically use a family tree as a genealogical diagram to trace the development of a family lineage. It seems there is always a bit of curiosity about from whom and where we came… we like to know something of our family roots. Fortunately, in nearly every family there is someone who is very much into genealogy and they do the hard work of examining our roots for us.

Going back to one’s roots can uncover all kinds of things. The Eastman online people reported that Sarah Palin and Princess Diana share a 9th great grandfather by the name of John Strong who was born in England in 1605, making the Governor and the Princess 10th cousins. She reportedly shares lineage with Franklin Delano Roosevelt as well. ( genealogy/2008/10/sarah-palin-is.html)

A year ago the Washington Post reported Senator Barack Obama and Vice President Dick Cheney are 9th cousins. (Anne E. Kornblut, Obama and Cheney Making Connections,, October 17,2007)

But those aren’t the kind of roots I want us to examine this morning. I am thinking more along the lines of tree roots… roots that tap down into the soil of our lives and from which we draw the things that sustain our lives.

Simply put, trees root in one of three primary ways:

• Tap Roots – Hickory and Oak Trees have Tap Roots or a primary root from which other roots grow.

• Heart Roots – Locust and Pine Trees have Heart Roots or a clump of roots, so to speak.

• Flatroots – Cottonwoods, Firs, Birches, and Maples have Flat Root Systems which spread and radiate from the tree beneath the surface of the soil.

And every tree has a three pronged root system: All roots have primary, secondary, and transport root systems. Root systems typically grow within three feet of the soil surface and extend laterally as much as three times the canopy of the tree. The root system serves to anchor and nourish the tree.

In our text godly people are likened to a tree that is planted along a river bank… a tree whose roots tap into an endless supply of nourishment.

Throughout the reading of our text, we notice that the Psalmist uses a series of contrasts to illustrate the difference between a gody person and an ungodly person. He begins by saying:

1. Godly people do not pattern their lives after the ways and will of ungodly people.

• Oh, the joys of those who do not follow the advice of the wicked, or stand around with sinners, or join in with scoffers. Psalm 1:1

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