Summary: Lessons on friendship from the life of David

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Friend Day

1 Sam 18

Intro: This sign was seen at the front desk of a country inn, over in England:

“Please introduce yourself to your fellow guests

since we are one big, happy family.

The management is not responsible

for valuables left in your room!”

We live in a society today that is greatly isolationistic. We have lost our connection to one another. We drive to work alone in our car, work all day in our cubby, get cash at the ATM, get lunch at the drive through, and spend the night watching TV. No wonder so many feel alone. No wonder we don’t have a very high level of trust for one another. But it didn’t always use to be this way.

I grew up out in the country. Our neighbors across the street were the Kaytors. We were constant in each other’s houses. We worked together, played together, farmed together, ate together. We were very close friends. After years of separation when Steve, the father died, we received a call from the family and my brother had the funeral. Friendships build close bonds.

Who is your friend? Some of you are here today because of a friend who invited you. I hope that today you come away with a commitment to be a better friend. If there is one thing that most of us truly desire, it is to have a good, close friend. I would venture to say that most of us would give half of what we own to have a good, true, close friend. Some of us would give all that we have for a good, true friend.

We have been reading through the Bible together. This week we have been reading in 1 Samuel. Turn with me to 1 Samuel 18. Here we find the example of two true friends: David and Jonathan. Let’s learn from their example what friendship is all about. Compare yourself to Jonathan and David, and see what kind of friend you really are!

Our account immediately follows David killing the giant Goliath. The king sees him, and inquires about him. Read 17: 1-5 - Examples of True Friendship

*Friends are one in spirit -

--18:1 - Jonathan became one in spirit with David

-Don’t seek to make a friend who you don’t like

That may seem too simple; but some people think, I’ll find someone rich or famous and I’ll try to be their friend. God has made us all differently. We ought to all get along, but there are some people we would rather not get along with for very long! Choose your friends based on how you “connect.”

-don’t get me wrong - we should be friendly to all, but let God build the “connection” in our spirit. In seeking friendships, ask who are you drawn to as a person.

*Friends love one another as themselves

- 18:1 - and he loved him as himself.

-See how good a friend you are by what you think of your friend. If you are going out to eat with your friend, do you take them to a steakhouse of McDonalds? If you are buying some cologne for your friend, is it Liz Claiborne or Old Spice? Do you think of them above yourself?

*Friends spend time together

- 18:2 - From that day Saul kept David with him

-Jonathan spent much time with David. In coming chapters we see them meeting together, hunting together, and spending much time together. If you have a friend, you will want to spend time with them.

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