Summary: In 2 Corinthians the Word lets us know that there is something excellent within each us.

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Excellence is so Attractive – Part 1

Excellence begins with a mindset!!!

I. Introduction

A. While at the International General Assembly

Jennifer and I experienced something.

1. This something made my heart leap within me.

2. It literally captivated me and inspired me.

B. That something…was excellence!

1. Share a little.

a. Wonderful praise and worship.

b. Every detail was considered.

c. Instant language translation (10 languages)

plus ASL.

C. During an inspirational choir’s song I leaned

over to a good friend and shared with him this


1. “Excellence is so Attractive”

D. Lord willing, I will be sharing some thoughts

that God has been putting in my heart…about


E. In 2 Corinthians the Word lets us know that

there is something excellent within each us.

1. Read 2 Corinthians 4: 7 (NKJV)

2. Opening Prayer (you may be seated)

F. Let me read this verse to you again, in another


“We have this treasure from God, but we are like

clay jars that hold the treasure. This shows

that the great power is from God, not from us.”


G. Folk, the power of God dwells in you!

1. Is Christ your Lord? If so, then the power

of God dwells in you.

2. God’s power is a prime example of excellence.

II. We live in a world full of mediocrity. A

society where you can find plenty of averages.

A. Average this, average that.

B. I wonder today, how many of you have ever

experienced excellence first hand.

C. If you answered, “I’m not sure, then you

probably have not.”

D. I’ve been blessed in this life to

experience “excellence” first hand.

1. I’ve seen the Boston Pops…excellent!

2. I’ve been to a 5 star restaurant…excellent!

3. I’ve worshiped, in a Spirit filled manner,

with 15,000 + people during a move of God

with world class worship leaders…excellent!

E. Listen to how “Webster’s” defines excellence:

1. Possessing outstanding quality or superior

merit, remarkably good.

III. Excellence all begins with you MINDSET.

A. One of the reasons why I was an excellent

salesman, back before my days in the ministry,

had to do with my MINDSET.

1. Almost daily the owner of the business would

cross my path and ask me how I was doing.

2. My a nswer was the same every time, which I

didn’t even notice until he pointed it out:

a. My answer every time: “Excellent…”

B. I learned at an early age that your attitude,

can elevate you!

C. If you want to live an excellent life…

1. If you want to have excellent health…

2. If you want to have an excellent


3. If you want to have an excellent witness to

those around you…

4. If you want to stop being settling for

average, if you really want to experience

excellence in your life…

D. Then you’ve got to change your MIND-SET!

1. If your mind is set to be average…you’ll be


2. How is your mind set?

IV. Some of you might be thinking or

asking, “Average is OK with me, what’s all the

big deal about excellence?

A. Allow me to answer that question by

demonstrating how, from a biblical point of

view…excellence is attractive.

B. There once lived a King (true story). His

Dad’s name was King Nebachadnezer.

1. He was living a life and leading a nation in

a way that was very upsetting to God.

2. One day, God allowed him to see in the

spiritual realm as, what appeared to be part

of the hand of God wrote something on one of

his walls.

3. He got really stressed out over this

message. He didn’t know what it said, he

couldn’t read it.

4. His wife told him to not worry about it. But

the guy couldn’t sleep.

5. This King asked all of the best magicians,

physics, fortune tellers, palm readers,

mistics, you name it…he rounded them all up.

a. None of them could interpret the meaning.

(And the King was even advertising a huge

bonus to whoever could.)

6. Finally someone came to the King and said,

“There is a man in your kingdom in whom is the

Spirit of the Holy God…12Inasmuch as an

excellent spirit, knowledge, understanding,

interpreting dreams, solving riddles, and

explaining enigmas were found in this Daniel,

whom the king named Belteshazzar, now let

Daniel be called, and he will give the


Daniel 5: 11 - 12

7. Here’s the deal. There are times when

nothing but excellent will do.

C. Daniel was used of God to make such a powerful

difference! (I don’t have time today to share

more about this passage, but I will next week.)

V. Conclusion

A. In a world full of “average(s),” God’s desire

is for you to be excellent.

1. It all starts with your MIND-SET.

2. Altar service if and as the Spirit leads.

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