Summary: God deals with serious people in life. Faith is serious business. Except thou bless me is a statement of seriousness in God’s blessings and Change in life. Jacob had enough of joking and cheating, He now need to be serious.....

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God blesses a crowd free person!

God wants to bless you even right now. There are things still attached to your life that needs to be removed. From January and now its December the Lord has been wondering how he should touch you. You need to send away the crowd and cross into the New Year a blessed person. You need to look at your life, unfulfilled past resolutions, dreams, goals and prayers. Take action my friend. Except He blesses you why should another year come for you!

God is not your problem. Faith sometimes is not your problem. All other things may not even be your problem. The crowd with you might be the problem. God does not deal with a crowd or crowded person. He deals with individuals and crowd free individuals. Many times God would not talk to anyone whilst in a crowd. He would either wait for him to be separate or ask him to be separate. Except thou bless me Lord I will not be glad to see the next year! This should be your prayer now my friend, but have you send the crowd away.

When God wanted to bless Abram He told him to be separate from the family crowd. He even told him to totally come out of the crowd and go to another land. When Joseph was blessed and highly exalted he was not in a crowd. He was alone in a dungeon, far away from family, friends or anyone. When the Lord blessed Moses by making Him a leader for the whole tribe of Israel He was alone in the desert shepherding the flock of Jethro his uncle. When Gideon, David, Samuel, Elisha and many mighty people of God in the bible were to be blessed there were no crowds. There were alone. Samson’s mother had an angel visit when she was in the field; Zacharias the father of john the Baptist was alone in the holy of holies when God blessed him with the promise of John the Baptist. Mary the mother of Jesus Christ was also away from the crowd when she received a blessing of the promise of Jesus’ birth. You need to send the crowd away for you to receive your blessing this year or in your life.

Now my friend you need to be crowd free to receive the blessings of God. In the above Scripture Jacob was about to return to his fathers house. He had previously run away from Esau because he had tricked him on the birth right matter. He needed God’s blessing because this guy was in trouble. He was not able to face Esau had God not blessed him and gave him grace. It not possible either for him to remain in the foreign land. Life was no longer safe and bearable. The only way was to go back home and meet Esau. He needed a divine blessing. He had all the cattle, wives, and all the earthly stuff one needs. Jacob needed Godly blessing even though my friend. He had to send all that away!

It doesn’t matter how much money you have, how many things you have acquired this year. You need the blessing and grace of God to face the coming year/s. It’s not possible to remain in this year, you must move into the next era but you need the blessings of the almighty. The blessings of God can not be acquired in the same manner you obtained the material ones. Some get material things through bribery, shoddy deals and so forth. This is not the same with the heavenly blessing. These blessing requires you to send the crowd away. You have to be alone and let God deal with you. You need to be yourself and then God will come to touch you. Send the crowd with you away.

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