Summary: Christian life is warfare like wrestling. Unless you are a serious spiritual wrestler you may fail to exprience the power , joy of God’s word and blessing. God blesses a serious wrestler ....

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God blesses serious wrestlers!

Prayer is warfare; it is great work .Prayer like anything else should produce fruits, outputs or returns. Unless and until that happens keep on praying. Keep on believing. Keep on pleading. God blesses serious wrestlers. Until you touch it never stop believing. Until you hold it never give up praying. Be a spiritual wrestler for a belt of God’s blessing. God blesses serious wrestlers.

In the natural wrestling, the wrestlers fight until one wins. It is not important how one may display fantastic skills and excite the crowd. The main focus is on the belt/ crown. It doesn’t matter someone may bleed or collapse the game will not over until the referee counts up to three and the bell rings. The winner may be announced at the end. He/she sometimes will be having swollen face, limping legs and bruised body. That is not a problem as long as they have the belt. God blesses serious wrestlers.

The above illustration is so true with the spiritual wrestling. The bible tells us that we fight against the spiritual wickedness, principalities, rulers and governors in high places. We fight against evil authorities of the devil in the heavenliness. Being a Christian is joining the army of Heaven. You are a solder of Christ Jesus. No wonder why Paul in Ephesians 6 tells us to put on the full armor of God. We are God’s wrestlers. We have to defend, advertise and propel the authority of the Kingdom of God. It is in the Kingdom of God where we find blessings, joy, happiness, faith, love, holiness, kindness, goodness, patience, longsuffering and all the good works. Now my friend God wants to bless you but you has to be a serious wrestler.

The devil is not happy when you get blessed. The flesh too does not want the spirit to prosper. There are many battles you have to conquer - The battle of the flesh, mind and devils with all his cohorts (demons). You need to seriously fight against these before God can bless you. Remember we first have to be crowd free so that when we start fighting there are no obstacles and hindrances. You need to be a serious wrestler my friend. You need to pray until something happens. You need to fast until the flesh is no longer the master in your life. You need to renew your mind with the word of God until it no longer thinks evil. You need to bind, cast and send away every demonic activity in your life in the name of Jesus.

God blesses serious wrestlers. In Luke 11 God teaches us of the story of a person who had visitors in the middle of the night and wanted bread. He went to his neighbor in order to get bread. The neighbor refused to open the door because he was asleep and it was midnight. The friend kept on knocking and begging until the friend opened the door to give him bread. Jesus said the friend opened the door not because it was his neighbor but because he had troubled him so much. My friend you need to trouble all your hindrances so much, you need to trouble all your troubles so much, you need to keep on knocking, keep on believing, and keep on declaring that the impossible is going to happen in your life. Seriously wrestle for your desires in the Lord. Serious wrestle my friend you will receive your blessing.

In the above Scripture Jacob had sent away the crowd and left alone. He was now ready to getting his blessing. Then an angel of God came with his blessing. He didn’t just say Jacob here is your blessing. He never said Jacob now that you have made your mind to be blessed by sending away the crowd now gets this blessing. They started to wrestle. They started to fight. I believe Jacob was saying now that you have my blessing give it to me. Now that I need to meet Esau bless me. Now that I need a new life please bless me. He didn’t just cry and started saying it’s not fair or I am cursed or I don’t think it’s now possible. No, NO, NO! Jacob grabbed the angel of God heavily and started wrestling, praying to be blessed.

You need to start even now my friend to serious wrestle in prayer to have your blessing. Keep on knocking, keep on making noise on heaven’s door. God might just hear you not because you are His child but because of your perseverance. Keep on fighting. Keep on wrestling. Jacob fought until it was morning. He had an all night wrestling, an all night pleading for the blessing. Here there was no referee. Here the option was simply to surrender the blessing or Jacob to quit fighting. So many people stop praying while on the verge of their breakthrough. Some people lose hope when their prayers take long to be answered. My friend keeps on wrestling. Keep on fighting. Even if it means two years praying for the same thing let it be. Even if it means all people shall laugh at your prayer life let it be. Keep on wrestling. You may even fast until people may mock you, don’t worry. You may even read the word until people may call you by names don’t worry keep on wrestling. God blesses serious wrestlers.

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