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Summary: Whenever God blesses anyone there is a name change. The old pass away and the new comes. You will be differently glorious. It takes seriousness and committiment. When God blesses your name will change....

When God blesses your name will change!

The name of a thing is much directly related to its purposes, future or story of the owner. Many people when naming their children, pets and any products they give names that they want to impact such things. They want the names to communicate to whoever shall come into contact with that thing / person, to learn something about the thing / person. Rarely do you find names given for the sole purpose of naming a person or thing. Names have some reason behind them. When God blesses you, your name will definitely change!

A name is usually an appellation (tag, term, title), as a mark or memorial of individuality; by implication honor, authority or character. The first person in the bible to be given a name was Adam who meant a human being or species of mankind. His name was a character of the specie he was revealing. The second person to be named was Eve which meant a life giver. This just indicated what Eve had done to Adam and also that she was to conceive and give life. This will then show that names contain much more than being a title. They tell a story of the subject.

Now when God blesses, your name changes! Your name once called it is identified with a certain picture. That’s the picture you erased when your life changes by the blessing of God. They are people who used to be named Poor but when they got blessed they were later called Rich. They were people who once were called Beggar but when life changed they were called Giver. All these are titles (names) that we are familiar in our day to day life. You my friend you even have a name that people call you because of your situation. Some people are called Drunkards, Thief, Ghetto boy, Player, Fast girl and so forth because of what they are.

It doesn’t matter what they call you that can change. It doesn’t matter you even know what they named you and you don’t like it. That is going to change when God blesses you. Your name will not remain the same. You even rebuke those who call you names but to no avail. Don’t worry my friend they will stop calling you that when God blesses you. They will be no reason why the will call that again.

Abraham was one fellow whose name was changed together with his wife. Abraham was once called Abram-meaning exalted father .God changed it to Abraham-meaning father of many when He was blessed with the promise of a son Isaac. Sarah was once called Sarai and God changed her name to Sarah-meaning a princess, queen etc. (Gen 17:5-17)).Jesus Christ named Simon the name Peter. When He wanted to send His disciples to do the work of God, He surnamed or gave Simon the name Peter which means a rock. Later on in his life he was called Peter no more Simon (Mark 3:13-16).

God once He blesses you He will also see to it that you are called by a name that suits your new life. When God was promising deliverance to Israel He even mentioned of having the name of the Israelites (as was known by their oppressors) changed to suit their blessed, delivered and Free State. Isa 62:2 “And the Gentiles shall see thy righteousness, and all kings thy glory: and thou shalt be called by a new name, which the mouth of the LORD shall name. …… Thou shalt no more be termed Forsaken; neither shall thy land any more be termed Desolate: but thou shalt be called Hephzibah, and thy land Beulah: for the LORD delighteth in thee, and thy land shall be married.” My friend your name is going to change when the Lord blesses you. You shall no more remain in that name. You shall no more remain named poor, divorced, single, loser, failure, good for nothing. All this is going to be erased by the blessing of the Lord.

In the scripture above Jacob was asked a question about his name. I am glad Jacob told the angel of the Lord the truth that he was Jacob. The name Jacob means a Supplanter (displacer, unseater, and deceiver). Jacob was born holding on to Esau his brother’s heels. He grew up and unseated him from the birthright. He deceitfully got the birthright. His name was not appropriate for a blessed person. It had to be changed. It reminded people of his birth, past and not help them see the blessing of God. When God blesses, your name will definitely change. He will give you a name that will make people see the goodness of God.

The angel of God told Jacob that He was no more a supplanter, no more of what people used to know bout him. No more of all the black history, no more of all he used to be known of. The angel said he was to be named Israel-Father of multitudes, father of many people. He then got the blessing and the angel left him. When God blessed him, his name changed. He first changed it then blessed him.

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