Summary: no one can enter heaven unless they approach it like a child?

We noted last week from Mark chapter 10 that the 12 disciples Jesus chose were finally showing signs of spiritual growth. God is looking for people to learn, believe, and live out justification, sanctification (growing spiritually while on earth), and glorification through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and Scriptures! This is God’s desire for us today: to know, believe, and live out justification, sanctification, and glorification. How are we doing? Chart…

We continue our study of Mark 10; please open your Bibles there…..

Communion of course is only for those who truly believe in Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. In preparation for Communion, let us note a significant statement from our Lord Jesus Christ. Read along with me Mark 10:13-16…..

v13: Why do you think people were bringing little children to Jesus??

a. It was known that Jesus loved children.

b. People knew the power of Jesus!

c. People desired their children to be blessed!

v13: now, Why do you think the disciples rebuked the people for bringing the children??

a. They didn’t want Jesus to be bothered?

b. They didn’t want to be bothered?

v14: Jesus was upset at the disciples!

What does their rebuking indicate about the disciples’ relationship with Jesus at this point??

The disciples were still looking for a Savior for their country, not Lord and Savior of their lives! The disciples were still growing spiritually; and Jesus understood that.

The disciples were still not spiritually mature enough to ask Jesus first!

Before discussing v15, let us note what Jesus did…

v16: Jesus welcomed the children; loved them in His arms and blessed them!

Now, look again at v15 - ”Truly I tell you, anyone who will not receive the kingdom of God like a little child will never enter it.”

What can we note from this statement by Jesus?

a. There is a Kingdom of God to where people can enter!

Kingdom of God??

And if this is where God is, what can we say about this place??

b. Jesus said “in order to enter the Kingdom of God, it must be received like a little child!”

This statement relates to the children running to Jesus right? What’s a little child like when they are getting something positive??

The Kingdom of God must be received with wonder, excitement, and love!

Let’s highlight some applications for our lives from this passage.

1. Do we desire to bless children or are we hindering them?

What 2 major things should we do to bless our children??

We must bring our children to Jesus and pray for them!

2. Unlike the disciples in this passage, We must spiritually grow to always consider Jesus!

3. Do we daily think about heaven and what’s our attitude towards heaven?

We can get so excited about many things…

How excited are we really on a daily basis about heaven and Jesus Christ showing up?

Do we get excited more about things on earth than heaven?

How excited are we when we do Communion? Do we truly see the meaning of remembering Jesus’ sacrifice for us?

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