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How come some people don’t follow through on what God wants them to do? God speaks to them, He inspires them, He calls upon them to do something great but they just don’t do it. How come some people don’t answer God’s call?

[Garrett’s calling story.]

Well maybe they get into sin, maybe they get distracted, maybe they get disillusioned, maybe they get hurt. There can be many reasons why people don’t answer God’s call.

But sometimes people don’t do what God wants them to do when they either don’t know or when they forget who God really is. Think about it. When God asks us to do something, it’s God asking us to do something! Our obedience is directly linked to who’s asking us to follow.

There’s a difference between when your little sister asks you to do something and when your mother asks you to do something. There’s a difference between when a coworker asks you to do something and when your boss asks you to do something. And there’s a difference between when a god, little g, asks you to do something and when Almighty God asks you to do something. We need to remember just who it is that calls us!

When God called Moses to lead the Jews out of Egypt, Moses was extremely tentative and even reluctant to do what God was asking him to do – even though it was God asking him to do it! Moses repeatedly made excuses as to why God should get someone else to do this great task. But God had chosen him.

So while God’s outlining to Moses what his mission was He was also giving him a theology lesson on just who He was. Moses needed to understand just who this God was so he could be committed to this seemingly impossible mission. And as we go see how God called and instructed Moses to lead His people out of Egypt, we’re also going to see God for who He really is – the great I AM!

So please turn to Exodus chapter three. Remember, Moses spent his first forty years in the household of Pharaoh being groomed for leadership. He then decided he cared more about his people the Jews, but he ended up fleeing Egypt and settling in Midian. There he met a priest of God, married one of his daughters, had a couple of sons and then spent the next forty years as a shepherd in the land.

[Read Exodus 3:1.]

Mount Horeb is another name for Mount Sinai where God would give Moses the Law. So Moses is out in this desert region looking for grasslands for his heard. For forty years he’d been doing this day after day. God used those years to prepare this man to lead His people. But now:

I. God gets Moses’ attention

[Read Exodus 3:2-6.]

God Himself showed up and got the attention of Moses. Now remember, Moses had been traveling those lands for forty years. Moses knew that territory like the back of his hand. God needed to do something out of the ordinary to get his attention. Also, God’s presence being within fire would be a theme throughout the Exodus of the people from Egypt so this was preparing Moses for that time. Moses saw a bush on fire that wasn’t turning to ash. He then heard the voice of God come from the fire.

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