Summary: "Recipe" for miracles based on the story of Abraham and Isaac in Genesis 22

Habakkuk 1.5 says, "Look . . .and watch- and be utterly amazed. For I am going to do something in your days that you would not believe, even if you were told." In short, God is saying "Expect a miracle."

1. The first ingredient is to TUNE INTO GOD’S VOICE

(Gen. 22.1&2)

- We have a tendency to tune out God’s voice and listen to other voices, most of the time, our own

- This is the disclaimer, or fine print, of the recipe for a miracle- we have to expect the right kind of miracle.

- Think of how easy it would have been for Abraham to listen to other voices. The voice of Pride might say, "You’re a rich man, a sacrifice of 1,000 cattle would be just as good as sacrificing your son." The voice of Human Intelligence might have said, "You can think of something better than God’s way. Your way is better." The voice of Jealousy might have said, "God isn’t making any else do this" or "It isn’t fair." But Abraham listened to God’s voice.

- In the modern context, tuning into God’s voice means praying for miracles in line with God’s wishes.

- Sometimes we pray for miracles and are merely praying for the wrong thing. Other times, we pray for the right thing but have the wrong motives.

2. The secont ingredient for a miracle is that we must TAKE THE FIRST STEP. (Gen. 22.3-6)

- If Abraham wasn’t willing to take the first step, the miracle never would have happened.

- This is a Biblical principle: If the Israelites had not taken the first step out of Egypt, they never would have crossed the sea. If David had not taken the first step on the battlefield, he would not have defeated Goliath. If Christ had not taken the first step up Golgotha, He would not have risen from the grave.

- Many times, however, we are too scared, too prideful, or just too lazy to take that step.

- The saying is that we need to do something so big that we can’t do it without God.

3. The third ingredient in our miracle recipe is TRUSTING IN A FAITHFUL GOD. (Gen. 22.7-10)

- The world is filled with promises. In a few hours of TV watching we are bound to see several ads for "miracle" appliances, supplements, etc. Pills that will allow us to lose ten pounds in a week without exercise or a proper diet. Machines with electronic pulses that promise rock hard abs without even a single sit-up or crunch.

- The Bible, too, is filled with promises. Promises of eternal life and incredible blessings. The difference between the Bible and the world is that we serve a powerful and faithful God.

- Abraham didn’t know what kind of miracle God would do. He didn’t know how or when, he just knew God would do it. He was trusting in a faithful God.

- Here’s a mistake we often make: if God doesn’t do something the way we expect Him to, we get nervous or even frustrated. We need to trust in a faithful God if we want a miracle to happen.

And look what does happen . . .(Gen. 22.11-13)

4. There is one final part we don’t want to forget. After God gives us a miracle, we need to THANK GOD FOR HIS WORK. (Gen. 22.14)

There are four main ways of doing this:

a. Through your Testimony: telling others what God has done in your life

b. Through your Treasure: Financially supporting the work of His church

c. Through your Talent: Using the gifts the Spirit gives you in the church

d. Through your Time: Taking a portion of your time each week in church, prayer, study, etc.

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