Summary: Start expecting so you can be receiving!


Matt. 1:20

We are reading the infamous story about the birth of JC into this world. We often look at this and consider the wise men, shepherds, Bethlehem, Joseph/Mary, etc. But there is a powerful word for the church right now that is hidden inside this story.

We understand how that the HG came upon Mary and she became pregnant, and would soon give birth to the son of God, who left the throne of Heaven to come to Earth to die for the sins of humanity, which would be the key to bridge the gap btwn mankind and God. On a day that God appointed in his own time, the Lord was miraculously conceived inside Mary, and the process of pregnancy began. And through various trials, and setbacks, she finally reached the time of her delivery. Though there wasn’t a room left at any of the inn’s in town, she laid down in a stable and gave birth to the Christ child, while a star shined above them, and various folks came to observe. *But as I considered this, something began to stir within me. Sure, she was pregnant with the one called savior, redeemer, governor, prince of peace, lord of hosts, etc. But can I tell you, that she was impregnated with an expectation of change. The one she was expecting to give birth to would bring about the greatest change the whole wide world has ever known.

As I read this, I began to think about us as believers here in 2007. I can’t speak for anyone else, but I can tell you in my spirit, God has birthed an expectancy of change inside me. I can’t explain it, but something has begun to happen in my soul that says great things are about to happen. Revival is building up, and on its way. Souls are getting ready to flood the back door. The sick are getting ready to be healed, and the empty are preparing to get filled. And I just sense that God is getting us as his church ready for it.

There are churches seemingly on every corner, and every other person you meet is a preacher. But amazingly, multitudes of folks are still lost/headed to hell. We pay to put great preachers on TV/radio/internet, we flood coliseums to see them put on their religious shows. We’ve got all kinds of gospel cable channels and radio stations, but still the world is void of the truth in Christ. I can tell you, this is the age of “having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof”. None of these religious activities can do what an on-fire, HG filled, anointed church can do. I’m talking about the kind that has learned the power of prayer/fasting, the ones who have preached the truth of JC w/out compromise, the ones who are not as concerned about whose worship style is right/wrong, but just want to worship period. *THAT’S THE KIND OF CHURCH I BELIEVE GOD IS CREATING HERE!*

God bless the televangelist/radio ministries, but right here in rural AR I believe God is preparing a church for revival. There’s an expectancy in my spirit that tells me something good is about to happen. And all I can say is, if you can’t feel it pray until you do. If don’t want it, don’t try and stop it. And if you feel it and are ready for it, then stay on course because a mighty outpouring of anointed, HG power-packed revival is coming to Morrilton, AR, and I believe he is centering in on Deerwood A/G!

There are some things I’d like to share w/you that God’s speaking to me about from this story:

(1)When she announced she was pregnant, no one could believe that she could be pregnant as a virgin- First off, she questioned it. Luke 1:34 “How shall this be, seeing I know not a man?” Her fiancé Joseph couldn’t believe it either. In fact, he tried to break the engagement with her privately so she wouldn’t be disgraced. But it was true. God had impregnated her with this miracle.

I can tell you there are a million reasons why folks would believe that a great move of God can’t/won’t come here. Not a big crowd, not a lot of money, not very fancy, too many past problems, not very technologically advanced, don’t have the right backing, etc. *But I can tell you there are some good reasons why it WOULD come here. First, and foremost, because there is no place too far gone that God can’t bring revival to! Second, because I believe there are some folks that have been seeking his face for a move of God. Third, I believe there are some people here that want revival. Folks like Bro. Nowlin, they’ve seen the HG fall in years gone by, etc. But the days of revival are still here. We just have to press in. And I believe there’s some folks here doing it. And because of that, revival is on its way!!

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