Summary: Having an experience with God will certainly change your life. Have you experienced God lately?

A few years ago Henry Blackaby wrote a book entitled "Experiencing God". It is an up front, straight forward, approach concerning the believer’s relationship with God. His book will take believers from mediocre Christianity into higher levels of spiritually depending upon their present state. I was fortunate enough in March 2001 to get to hear Dr. Blackaby in person. He explained that the book, "Experiencing God", was the result of some of his "experiences" with God. However, long before Dr. Blackaby’s book was published, there was another person who Experienced God.

Let’s look at Exodus 3:1-14.

1. A Wilderness Experience. (v.1-4)

A) Moses was in the back of the desert. (v.1)

(God will always come to where we are. Jesus

came to seek and to save those who were lost.

Luke 19:10)

B) He saw an unusual sight. (v.2)(The bush was

burning, but was not being consumed. What will

God use to get your attention?)

2. A Worshipful Experience. (v.5-6)

A) Do not draw near. (v.5a) (We must first

prepare ourselves before we enter His presence)

B) Take something off(Moses: sandals). (v.5b)

(What is God telling you to take off or to

give up?)

C) You are on holy ground. (v.5c) (Moses was in

the presence of a holy, righteous, sovereign

God. When we are in His presence we should act


D) God identifies Himself. (v.6a) (We will know

that it is God who speaks to us because we

will recognize His voice. John 10:27)

E) Moses was afraid. (v.6b) (This was his first

encounter with God. That can be frightening!

But He always responds with comforting words.)

3. A Wonderful Experience. (v.7-10)

(God replied with the following responses)

A) "I have seen" (v.7a)

B) "I have heard" (v.7b)

C) "I know" (v.7c)

D) "I have come down to deliver you" (v.8a)

E) "I have seen the oppression" (v.9)

G) "I will send you" (v.10)

(God is fully aware of what we experience in

life. He is able to handle anything that we

might face.)

4. A Wakening Experience. (v.11-14)

A) Moses: Who am I? (v.11) (Moses replied, "You

want ME to go to Pharoah?)

B) God: "Don’t worry, I’ll be with you." (v.12)

(Whatever God calls us to do, He’ll go with us

ALL the way.)

C) Moses: Who shall I tell them sent me? (v.13)

(This is almost humorous. Moses is basically

asking, "What is your name, in case they ask


D) God: I AM WHO I AM. (v.14) (Jesus used these

same words to the Jews in John 8:58. The

phrase means: I Am the One who causes things

to be.)

* Have you had an experience with God?

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