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Summary: 3 Myths to Explode 1. Don't Worry, Be Happy 2. God not only hates divorce, he hates the divorced 3. People will like me better if I pretend

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We live in a culture that has strong ideas towards what goes into emotions. This is true inside and outside of the Church, this is true for all humanity. Wherever you go in the world, you will find unspoken “truths” for what we think about certain emotions. We have a way of giving value to others, and value to ourselves based on the emotions that we see portrayed.

For example, what would you think if Miranda showed up to church this morning in a limousine? The door is opened for her by the driver, she gets out with a big grin on her face and a huge hat on her head and she says, “It’s a great day to praise the Lord.” How do you feel about that?

Or what would you think if the worship leader spent the whole service with their eyes down, sad and depressed.

Or what would you think if you saw a young couple come through the doors, you can tell that they are upset but you don’t know why.

My point is this, we draw conclusions from emotions. We come up with background stories based on what we see people feeling and by the mask they have on their face. This true everywhere, in the Church and outside of the Church. Its how we as humans tend to live.

Some wrong conclusions have been talked about for so long that they have grown to myth, and today I want to explode some of those myths.

I heard a true story about a man, we’ll call him Joe, who didn’t really have a lot going for him. There was really nothing attractive about him, you wouldn’t take a second look. For the most part this fellow was looked down on, and passed over. Joe was a man who suffered, he knew what pain was all about, and he showed it. One look at Joe and most people would just turn away. In short Joe was looked down on, he was thought of as scum.

Some people said that Joe was getting what he deserved, that he had it coming. Maybe he should just try harder. Other people felt badly, but what could they do? Still others looked at Joe and decided that he had nothing to offer them, what value could he offer, and so they wrote him off.

This message is about Joe, and the emotional myths that we believe about him. Maybe it would help you if you took a moment to create a mental picture of what you think Joe looks like. Think of a man who has experienced suffering, think of man who has been passed over, think of a man who isn’t worth a second look, and keep that image in your mind.

The first myth that I want to explode this morning is the Bob Marley Myth.

The first thing that comes to my mind when I think of Bob Marley is the song “Don’t Worry, be Happy.” I’m sure that for many of us, just saying those words brings the tune of the song to our ears. You might be interested to know that even though I’m calling this the Bob Marley myth, the song was actually written by a fellow named Bobby McFerrin, who took the saying from Indian mystic Meher Baba.

“Don’t Worry, Be Happy” – That really sounds like a good, and simple idea. Why would I ever choose to worry, if instead I could just choose to be happy. That sounds great, happy always sounds better then worry.

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