Summary: Looking at Praise

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Exploring the Power of Praise

Jan. 2, 2000


As we begin our new series on Worship, I want us to look at our exaltation of the Lord as a whole.

Whenever you hear the word’s Praise & Worship, what is the first thing that comes to mind?

Is it singing a song, Lifting your Hand’s, clapping,?

All of these examples are good but they half define the true meaning and purpose of worship.

To understand Worship we need to take a good look at how worship work’s

How many of you know there is a distinct difference between Praise and Worship?

They are not the same thing.

But you cannot separate the two.

They go hand in hand, Kind of like peanut butter and jelly!!!

Peas and Carrots


But before we can truly understand worship we must first look at praise!

Understand that praise is one of the most vital links for a us to connect with God.

Example: I remember when I was a boy, my Father would come home from work, as soon as the front door opened a shout could be heard all through our house “DADDY, DADDY, yeah Daddy’s home my sister and I would run as fast as we could to welcome him home, I would be Jumping up and down.

My sister would absolutely screaming with excitement. I would jump on his back and my sister would latch on to his leg. Simply because of the fact he was home.

But you want to know the most amazing thing about all of that?

All These outward expression of love and rejoicing are a natural response upon seeing the one we love.

No one ever taught us how to do It.

It is something that was birthed within us by God.

Now I understand what Jesus meant in

Matt. 21:16 when he said “Out of the mouths of babes and sucklings thou hast perfected praise”

That is one reason the Lord told his disciples in Matt.18:3 unless you become like little children you will never enter into the Kingdom of Heaven.

Then my dad would take us into his arms and tell us how much he loved us.

And in return the tone of Our voices would change and we would say things like Daddy I love you so much, You’re the best Daddy in the whole world, You know the kind of things that are music to a parents ears.

See we were Praising and affirming our feelings toward him, in a since we were worshipping!

Praise is a celebration time

Worship is an Intimate time

Balancing the two is easier once we recognize the distinctive and function of both praise and worship.

How do we understand PRAISE???

Praise Means: the act of expressing approval or to applaud, admiration: the offering of grateful homage in words or songs; to magnify or glorify as an act of worship.

But understand this morning it is not enough to just know what Praise is,

We must learn how to express Praise towards our God and others.

I ‘am truly convinced that anyone that does not know how to express Praises toward God, will never be able to express praises towards any one else.

Praise is not a difficult concept to understand it is part of our everyday lives.

But to fully grasp Praise as a whole what do we need to do?

I. Rediscover the Potential

What we praise!

PSALM 150:1-Praise Ye. The Lord

WE praise!

1. Our children- when they please us

2. Employees- for a job well done

3. Dogs’ - for performing tricks (Wives I’m not talking about your husbands I’m talking about dogs).

4. Our spouses - for who they are,

not just for what they do!!! MEN!

Look at what we are to PRAISE

5. above and beyond all, Praise is something we direct

toward God.

Notice the word- Praise God- from the Hebrew word “HALLELUJAH”.

I have been is some churches ;

Where some people would cross their arms, lower their heads, pucker their lips and say, “This is not my way of Praising the Lord”.


First of all there is no such thing as “my way” of praising the Lord

There is only “God’s Way”

The bible says that praise is to be declared or manifested;

A. Look at Psalms 66:8- Let the sound of Praise be heard,

Praise is not praise until it is vocalized.

IN other word’s it is impossible to praise with your

mouth shut.

You say Pastor ‘my voice stinks’

Well, in Psalm 66:1 , he has already given you permission to

Make a Joyful noise.

Where do we praise?

Vs. 1 – in his Sanctuary;

a. Sanctuary means: a consecrated place, the HOLY OF HOLIES, “ the innermost part of the temple.

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