Summary: We need to take time to understand that Satan has used (and will continue to use) religion as a means of separating people. Once we do that, we will know the battle plan of the enemy and through Jesus be victorious over the enemy.

Exposing the One World Religion

Revelation Part 28, Revelation 17:5-18 (Daniel 7)


- Last week we began to outline the woman who sits on the beast

-- Discussed her role and importance in John’s vision

-- NOTE: This week is a teaching lesson vice a preaching lesson

- It is important to understand how the religious system will be setup

-- Why? To be able to spot it, identify it, and speak against it

-- Perhaps we can gain enough wisdom to help educate others to avoid it

- Read Revelation 17:5-18

- Pray

Ω Point 1 – The Name of the Woman (v5-6)

- The true identity of the woman is written on her head for all to see

-- IMP: We must understand what she is and what does for a living (deceiver)

-- NOTE: The religious system was set in motion in Babylon and has continued to this very day in one form or another throughout the world.

- Different sermon, but important to recognize this:

-- At the tower of Babel, man tried to build a tower out of rebellion …

-- The Lord scattered humanity by families, throughout the earth

-- These tribes took with them their religious system established in Babylon

-- All religions have similarities because they have a similar origin: Babylon

- The woman represents the entire religious system which seeks to control us

-- IMP: We must understand that this woman represents all that is corrupt

-- The world has believed her lies, and now we see the results of falling for her

- (v6) Two categories of saints: those killed before Jesus, and the martyrs of Jesus

-- Both groups were/are killed by this religion that operates in opposition to God

- APP: John was amazed because up until now, he had not really put this together

-- IMP: This woman has been working on destroying what belongs to God

-- It all started in Genesis 3; and now he sees the destruction it’s caused

Ω Point 2 – The Origin of the Woman (v7-8)

- It’s as if the angel is asking John, “Why are you so impressed with this woman?”

-- Many times, we are impressed with the works of this world as well

-- Anything that removes our attention from the Lord is something that Satan can use to distract us. (Idolatry)

- John is marveling at the woman and the angel tells him not to marvel

-- APP: She is no big deal and that honestly, he should not be impressed with her

- The inhabitants of the Earth will marvel at the beast

-- They will stand in awe of the anti-Christ and be amazed at everything he does

-- Why? B/C he does things in the name of “god” … so “we” must follow

- (v8) anyone who makes conscious decision to not follow Jesus belongs to Satan

-- The Book of Life is mentioned seven times in Revelation

-- Final place: Rev 20:15, “Anyone whose name is not found written …”

Ω Point 3 - The Seven Heads (v9-11)

- Those who have wisdom on a spiritual level must understand this

-- I believe that John is not talking to the average Sunday-only Christian

-- This is for those who would seek after God’s Word to understand/ be changed

-- Next few verses apply directly to those who would seek to know more

-- APP: Get beyond the black text on white paper … what’s the APP?

- IMP: “If you are to understand this enough to apply these words, then being a casual Christian is not going to cut it. We have to study and learn – in order to teach others.”

- The angel is about to describe the meaning of the 7 heads (2 diff meanings)

-- First the seven heads represent 7 mountains:

-- A mountain is symbolic with a seat of power

- We are told the woman sits on these 7 mountains, but why sitting?

-- She’s got control; in short, she is sitting in domination of these 7 kingdoms

- Second, the seven heads represent seven kings

-- We know from the context of Daniel 7:17 that there are 4 kingdoms from Daniel’s time until then end of days …

-- Daniel 7:16-17 says, “I came near to one of those who stood by, and asked him the truth of all this. So he told me and made known to me the interpretation of these things: ‘Those great beasts, which are four, are four kings which arise out of the earth.

Ω - Those 4 kingdoms are:

-- Babylon (625-539 BC)

-- Persia (539-333 BC)

-- Greece (333 BC- 55 BC)

-- Rome (55 BC-132 AD)

- The 2 Kingdoms that dominated Israel were Egypt and Assyria before Daniel

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