Summary: Because Christ is our refuge, you must love Him and walk in His ways.

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I. You must develop a culture that protects its people. v. 1-10

A. Provide a place of protection (1-7).

1. It involves a safe environment.

2. It requires an accessible location.

B. Partake in God’s blessings through obedience (8-10).

1. Strive to be obedient (8-9).

2. Escape the results of disobedience (10).

II. You must develop a culture that restrains wickedness. v. 11-21

A. Purge evil (11-19).

1. Restrain it.

2. Punish it.

B. Prevent evil (20-21).

1. Provide proper examples (20).

2. Apply proper discipline (21).

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