Summary: If you say you’ve encountered Jesus and there hasn’t been some kind of major redirection in your life – something that makes you stand in contrast to the world and culture in which we live – you haven’t really met him yet.

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"Extreme Makeover -- Faith Edition"

James 1:19-27

- start message wearing two different kinds of shoes.

OPEN: How many people are familiar with the show Extreme Makeover? The most popular version of this show was actually a spin-off of the original version. The version most familiar is the one which would find a family who had fallen upon hard times and provide them with a newly remolded home. (there was actually a family living in Voluntown that received one of these) The original version of this show however was a little more personal. The producers would find a person who wasn't satisfied with they way the looked and they would provide them with a personal extreme makeover. It involved a new haircut, a new hair color, help with makeup and a new wardrobe and such. But it didn't stop there. It went beyond hair and makeup and clothes to include things like plastic surgery, nose jobs and tummy tucks and adjustments to whatever other area the participant thought might need surgical improvement. When it comes to having makeovers our culture is obsessed about the wrong things. We are more worried about the size of our thighs, than the size of our lies. In a world of mixed up makeovers I though it might be interesting to spend some time thinking about what kind of makeover Jesus would give us.

Context: We been studying our way through the book of James. And what James has been saying throughout this book is that you ought to have a faith that changes your life. James was the half-brother of Jesus Christ. Once he came to an understanding of who Jesus is and His relationship to him -- everything changed. He went through a personal extreme makeover. And that's the norm for everyone by the way. Everything that Jesus interacted with went through an extreme makeover. His first miracle - the wedding at Cana -- he changed water into wine. As he interacted with people he demonstrated his amazing ability to change situations: the blind would see, the deaf would heal, the leprous would be cleansed - the demon possessed were set free -- even the dead were resurrected. When people saw the disciples after the resurrection they took note although they were just ordinary run-of-the-mill folk they were now dramatically different. But now they were radically different because they had spent time with Jesus. I had a couple of conversations with people after the memorial service for John yesterday and they remarked how they had seen this extreme change in John. I told them that what they saw was the norm not an aberration. You can really encounter Jesus and not go through an Extreme Makeover. In fact I would go as far to say that if you say you've encountered Jesus and there hasn't been some kind of major redirection in your life -- something that makes you stand in contrast to the world and culture we live in -- you haven't really met him yet.

And that's really what James has been helping us understand up to this point in this book.

I respond different to my trials James 1:1-11

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