Summary: This is the first sermon in a series titled Extreme Makeover. Jesus wants to give you big ears so that you can hear his word and do what it says.

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James 1:19-27

March 28, 2004

Series Introduction:

Our culture today is really into makeovers. There are all kinds of reality makeover

programs on television today. Most deal with getting a new haircut, a new hair color, help

with makeup and a new wardrobe. But a new show that aired in prime time on a major

network was perhaps the pinnacle of all these makeover shows. It was called Extreme

Makeover. This show went beyond all of the others. It went beyond hair and makeup and

clothes to include things like plastic surgery, nose jobs and tummy tucks.

When it comes to having makeovers our culture is obsessed about the wrong

things. We are more worried about the size of our thighs, than the size of our lies. In a

world of mixed up makeovers I though it might be interesting to spend some time thinking

about what kind of makeover Jesus would give us. So for the next few weeks we are

going to look at some selected passages from the book of James. As we do so, allow

Jesus to give your life an Extreme Makeover. It won’t hurt a bit. Just a little Nip Tuck.

Sermon Introduction:

We are going to begin our Extreme Makeover by dealing with a part of our bodies

that many people are very subconscious about - their ears. We don’t want our ears to be

too small, too large or too pointy. Nor do we want our ears to be uneven. Did you know

that models have to have ears that a perfectly even with one another? When it comes to

ears we are very picky.

So if Jesus could do an Extreme Makeover on your ears, what would he do?

James shows us that he would give us big ears. What! Big ears! Who wants big ears!

Our culture makes fun of people who have Dumbo ears. But just like in the story book

those big ears prove to be a blessing.

At the age of 33, Erik Weihenmayer is a phenomenal athlete who loves to skydive,

snow ski and climb mountains. Mountain climbing is his specialty. As a matter of fact, he

is on track to be one of the youngest to climb all of the Seven Summits, the highest peaks

on each of the continents. In 1995 he scaled Mt. McKinley, in 1996 El Capitan, in 1998

Mt Kilamanjaro. In 1999 he climbed Argentina’s Aconcauga. On May 25, 2001 he

reached the summit of Mount Everest, a peak that 90% of those who begin to climb never

finish. Since 1953, 165 people have died trying to climb Everest, but Erik made it. Now

that is an extremely significant feat, but you don’t know the half of it. Weihenmayer

suffers from a degenerative eye disease, and when he was 13 he became totally blind. All

of his climbs have been without the benefit of his eyesight. Weihenmayer is a blind


Now you have to ask yourself, “How is that possible? How can a guy who can’t

see climb the highest peaks in the world?” If you ask him, he’ll tell you. He has learned to

listen well.

- He listens as a bell tied to the back of the climber in front of him shows him which way

to go.

- He listens to his climbing partners who shout back to him, "Death fall two feet to your

right!" so he knows what direction not to go.

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