Summary: As we anticipate the coming of the Lord, we should try to hold to high standards in our lives. We cannot, however, live these holy qualities on this earth now by ourselves. We are unable to fix ourselves now. But we have the promise of things yet compl

Title: Extreme Makeover

Theme: As we anticipate the coming of the Lord, we should try to hold to high standards in our lives. We cannot, however, live these holy qualities on this earth now by ourselves. We are unable to fix ourselves now. But we have the promise of things yet completed and will, through JC, be made holy and righteous when he returns.

Scripture: 1 Thessalonians 3: 9-13

How many of you have ever watched the show EXTREME MAKEOVER? SLIDE ONE

It’s where ordinary people go away for 3 months or so and get everything done to their bodies imaginable….the best of dentistry, hair transplants and extensions, & plastic surgery. It is quite amazing what can be done today with plastic surgery. I’ve always thought that my nose was too big and that the dark circles under my eyes might need some work. But these folks really get made over! SLIDE TWO They sometimes don’t even look like the same person when all is said and done!

Our culture tries to dictate the importance of looks in this world doesn’t it? There are lines drawn between what is pretty and what is ugly and they are based on how one looks. We are told we must have white smiles, firm skin, bigger/smaller…well, you get the picture…in order to have the best jobs, the best relationships, the best of everything.

However, we can have all the plastic surgery in the world, we can have all the hair transplants available, and we can get the finest dentists to fix our teeth and brighten our smile, but all of these “fixes” are only temporary.

SLIDE THREE First Corinthians 15 reminds us that flesh and blood cannot inherit the Kingdom of God and that what is sown is perishable but what is raised will be imperishable. First Peter 1: 23 reminds us that “you have been born again, not of perishable seed, but of imperishable, through the living and enduring word of God.” (who is Jesus the Christ!)

I don’t know about you but I’m waiting anxiously for that day! SLIDE FOUR I’m waiting for the day when Christ will return and I’ll get that Extreme Makeover! When Jesus comes all that is wrong with me will be fixed – permanently! But, you know….all the things that I think are wrong won’t really matter when I’m in His presence. Jesus loves me just like I am. Big nose, bad knees, graying hair, poor eyes. What Jesus is concerned with, right now and in the future, is my insides.

My heart, my soul, my very being. You see, he is making me over right now! Moving me, growing me in my spiritual journey which will one day bring me to perfection! The thing is, I can do none of this on my own.

The day that I accepted Jesus into my heart, he began to change me. SLIDE FIVE Now, I can honestly say that I wasn’t receptive to letting Jesus change all of me! I was stubborn. I didn’t want him to go poking around in certain rooms in my heart. I thought things were just fine with a little change. But as I began to allow God’s direction more and more in my life, I began to allow Jesus to make some of those difficult changes.

You all know what I’m talking about! There are some things in our lives that we would just rather not deal with. SLIDE SIX Jesus talks about forgiving others seventy times seven but how can I forgive my friend for that lie she told about me to the community? Scripture teaches that we should pray without ceasing but I’m much too busy to do that. Jesus teaches that we should take care of and support widows and orphans – well I give some money to those organizations and that should be enough. Jesus says love one another but I can’t possibly love those people who blew up the World Trade Centers. There are many, many things in the recesses of our heart that we’d rather Jesus just stay out of.

SLIDE SEVEN And yet, we desperately want this extreme makeover that we are promised as believers! We desperately want to be in the presence of God forever and ever! We desperately want to experience continual joy and peace. We want to be fixed! But so often on our terms.

The scripture we read today is a part of Paul’s letter to the church at Thessalonica and he tells them what it is that they should be doing here and now in order to begin the makeover that God has promised all of us! SLIDE EIGHT

First, we should be end times oriented (vs. 13). We should look with expectancy for the coming of our Lord! We should think every day – will today be the day that he returns? Come, Lord Jesus! No one expected the Messiah to come in the form of a baby. They expected a KING that would save them from the Romans. They wanted to be fixed but on their own terms.

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