Summary: Are we using our money, time, and resources to bless others? The eye is the lamp of the body. How we live our lives and how we use our blessings determines how brightly we shine for Jesus.

Video clip: The Lake House

Hospital Scene: Father is reminding architect son about the importance of and difference in light depending on location and environment.

Window of the Soul: Our Eyes

• Motives

• Virtues (generosity, stinginess, envy/jealousy, )

• Actions (lamp gives light!) Proverbs 22:9 talks about a “good-eyed man” or a generous man is blessed because he gives his food to the poor. Fanning the flame.

• Relationships (Jesus drives the point home by saying if there is darkness then great is that darkness). (Good deeds reflect a good heart). Generosity. Legacy. What do they leave behind?

What might I do?

• Live on less to keep desires in check

• Live below our budget (rather than at or above it) (this allows for extra resources to share unexpectedly)

• Discipline our spending

• Not focus on trusting in our savings

• Time to do what is most important (sometimes it is not a matter of what is bad and good but what is good, better & best)

• Seek wisdom (wisdom comes when we learn the seeking the material is immaterial)

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