Summary: A book based on Facebook

I’ll begin this morning by confessing recently I have become a fan of Face book…and by what I am finding apparently so have a lot of you.

Rapidly Face book has become the new “something” of the internet craze of social networking, and I am finding you just simply aren’t in the “it” crowd if you don’t have a face book account.

I see by the look on your faces that most of you are with me so far, but there’s a handful that don’t have a clue what I am talking about so let me give you a real brief history lesson.

Face book is a social networking website that began almost 5 years ago this coming February 4th.

Here is a quick summary of how it works. You as the user establish a personal profile page and then you start building your network of friends.

The concept is that you can keep in touch and in virtual constant communication easily with friends and family members regardless of their geographic location.

Now with over 100 million users Face book is no longer considered just a passing teen fad.

Just over Christmas I got several email messages that so and so had added me as a friend on face book and I was asked to confirm that we are indeed friends.

Most of the requests I confirmed and then begin reading about each person, viewed their photos and occasionally I even left a comment or two on “their wall.”

I have reacquainted myself with a guy named Steve, whom when I was a little kid I hit him with a rock at a church my dad pastured.

Then there was Ginger, Karen & Kayla’s first Sunday school teacher whom has moved to Florida…In fact I am quickly closing in on 100 friends…

And then right in the middle of my facebook frenzy I ran across this article…just listen…Technology has created a magnificent new world, bursting with opportunity. It has opened up global knowledge based economy and has unchained people from their desks. We are all in its debt-and we are never going back. But we cannot move forward successfully with out preserving the "Human moment” For it is that “Human moment” that provides the zest and color in the painting of our daily lives; it is what restores us, strengthens us and makes us whole.

So as I made my way to the office after looking at several photos of Valley Mission people and events, that had been posted I began to think about all the “faces” of valley mission…you see I think it is easy at times to forget that VMC is a living face-book if you will, of people whose lives are deeply entwined.

And the more I looked at those pictures the more I begin to question…just what have I been writing on their walls?

So this morning as we gather for the first time in this new calendar year I want you to think for a few moments about the faces of valley mission.

We have a beautiful facility, a blest history, lots of programs and activities…but here me this morning…it’s the people…not the building, not the programs…no it’s the people that comprise VMC…for you see when VMC looks into the mirror each morning it is your face that appears…you, and you…each one of us here today…we are the living face of VMCN

Lets just look at those faces this morning…first off I see the face of the visitor…that first time attendee….

Might I just stop here and suggest for a moment that perhaps the face of the visitor is the most important face that VMC has….visitors are, or maybe I should say…should be…the focus and reason for our being…listen VMC does not exist just so we…those of us here today…can have a church…that’s not our mission, that’s not why we relocated and spend hundreds of thousands of dollars ….this place is not about us…no…our mission is for that family that has yet to come thru our doors…

So what are we writing on their wall? Do we greet them with affection and follow up on them…you see the truth is that some visitors aren’t just quite ready for church when they visit that first time…they don’t know what to expect, or how we do things…they may not have a clue what all of our Nazarene language means…and therefore the responsibility is up to us…how are we doing? Are we coming down hard on them, wishing they would just “Get it” or are we patient and looking deep into their faces are we seeing all the potential and possibility that God is sending us.

This year lets pause and look deeply into their faces, for the story line is there…look behind that smile and you will see fear, frustration, anxiety, a longing for hope, anticipation….its all there…and they are all saying “Hey I am new here and I am adding you as a friend on my facebook” will you confirm that you know me….Does anyone know me….

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