Summary: Some people stay so far in the past that the future is gone before they get there. Jeremiah’s tasks...bring his nation to it’s knees. Why? Let’s examine it together!


It couldn’t have been put any better. Jeremiah, the weeping prophet (and we can see why) describes the condition of his nation and their attitudes when he asked them to repent and turn to God...he decribes them as having..."Faces harder than a rock..."

Stone faced, hard headed, cold hearts would be one of the many ways to describe Israel’s condition. I wonder, does God see us in the same way? Let’s examine this together!

Main Division

I. The Cause Of Their Sin (1-9)

II. The Curse Of Their Sin (10-19)

III.The Cure For Their Sin (20-31)

Conclusion:In the end, what will you do?

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