Summary: Faith over fear

Facing fear

Intro: What does being afraid do?

1: Hesitation

a) you second guess

b) you wait when you should move

c) you stand still

Point: Fear is something everyone who has ever lived has had to deal with, at one point and time even the bravest men and women felt fear creep into their hearts and minds.

2: What is the counter to fear?

a) faith

b) to trust and believe

c) obedience

Point: Many times in scripture we see normal everyday average people accomplish great mighty things for God because they championed their fear with faith in God.

Real question is this, what are we so afraid of?

Body: The boy and the giant. 1 Sam 17

1: A battle breaks out

a) Everyone knows the story of David and Goliath

b) The shepherd boy slays the giant champion of the philistines

c) A young ruddy boy defies an entire army

Point: It wasn’t strength, ability or sheer force that gave David the victory it was faith.

Verse 26 proves that his faith wasn’t in the army or the ability of the men fighting it was in God.

2: Against all odds

a) David showed up to bring food to his brothers

b) He was acting on his fathers wishes

c) When David spoke up he was ridiculed by his brother

d) No one took him serious

Point: It was like they shunned him off as a foolish boy, they didn’t even want him to be there, his brother Eliab lashed out at him saying why did you come, and what did you do with those sheep you’re supposed to be looking after. They didn’t want to hear it, it didn’t deter David.

3: V 32 servant will go fight

a) The king heard the words of the boy

b) David chooses to go fight the giant

c) Saul attempts to arm David

Point: I can’t imagine what this scene must have looked like, an entire army paralyzed be fear of one man. A young boy standing up to face this fearsome mountain of a man, the king arming the boy with his armor and sword.

Conclusion: 5 smooth stones and a sling

1: Victory

a) we all know how it ends

b) something simple overcoming something complex

c) weak overcomes the strong

d) the small defeats the large

Point: Faith is born through trust and hope it takes time to grow and mature in our faith, our lives are a battle ground we tread upon everyday. We have to choose to have faith or be swallowed up by fear.

2: Colossians 1:27

a) Christ in you, the hope of glory

b) The expectation through faith

c) The true calling to face down giants

Point: Fear dictates most Christians lives, their to afraid of what others might say or do if they are too open or sold out for God. Take a lesson from a shepherd boy who would become a king one day. Defy the odds, rise above the mediocrity, and trust God to deliver you through the most fearful times in your life.

Final thought: Christ in us the hope of glory, let’s build the kingdom of God, not the kingdom of self. Lets cast out nets too bring in all walks of life, let’s be open and receptive too what the Holy Spirit wants too do in us and not what so called holy people tells us!!!

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