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Facing Life’s Challenges

Nehemiah 1: 4-6

Most of us right now, are consumed with enormous challenges in our personal lives. We may appear to live carefree lives, and we look good on the outside, but on the inside, we are consumed with dealing with this over here and that over there, and it seems like there is no resolution to be found in the other. Collectively, we have health challenges. Family Challenges. Unexpected challenges. Challenges of uncertainty. Political challenges. Not knowing which direction our country is headed next. Challenges of an unjust, criminal justice system, who justifies targeting unarmed teens, in other words, there is a challenge of being a human being. The challenge of being arrested for no reason, and the questionable, mysterious murders of innocent people, because of personal choice. Today, as we come face to face with challenges, I want us to look deep, beneath the surface and look to the POSSIBILITY, brighter days up ahead. In life, there are situations on every hand that presents us with a challenge, but God already knows the outcome. Perhaps He wants us to reveal to us the extent of our faith. Maybe He wants to prove to us, if the faith we say we have, is it really real. For too long, we’ve done a lot of talking, but are we willing to put some action behind it. God in His infinite wisdom has a greater plan than what we can see right now. A plan designed to challenge us. A plan specifically designed to grow us up in Him. A plan that makes each of us aware that we too have a SPIRIT OF TENACITY like Nehemiah. A SPIRIT, that doesn’t give up easily, a SPIRIT that will go the distance in the face of a challenge.

Nehemiah faced a challenge, and his witness laid a foundation, not only to build upon, but he laid before us a springboard, so that we too can rebound in facing life’s challenges. Is it easy? No, it’s not. But’s not about GIVING UP It’s about GIVING IN and trusting God. In the text, we find that Nehemiah is a cupbearer. One who was a loyal and trustworthy servant to the king. He knows his history and the disobedience, of his ancestors. And he knows that because of his ancestor’s disobedience, they were lead into Babylonian captivity for 70 years. Over a period of time and under the leadership of Cyrus, King of Persia, the remnant, being those who lived thru it, they were finally allowed to return to Jerusalem, IF they chose. They were going home to rebuild.

If you remember that back in 2 Chronicles 36, the people HAD GOTTEN OUT OF HAND. they mocked God’s messengers, despised God’s word, and misused the prophets, they thought they GOT AWAY with it, UNTIL, the WRATH of the Lord rose up AGAINST them. The house of God was burnt down, broke down the wall, and the land was desolate. Countless people died, while others were carried off and held captive in Babylon. Nehemiah was one of the one’s who chose NOT to go back. The remnant rebuilt the temple, during the days of Ezra. SO NOW, the people had a temple, that was COMPLETED and DEDICATED to the Lord, in (Ezra Chapter 6) but they were living their lives in the midst of the unsightly, unprotected, devastating destruction of the gates and wall of Jerusalem.

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