Summary: Not just our youth, but many members of the church, tend to live life like it’s a fairy tale. Life is real, and the race must be finished and won.


Youth Rally Sermon

By Pastor Jim may

Some of you here are living a fairy tale life! I know, I know, you are sitting there already saying, “Oh yeah, how can my life be a fairy tale? Everything isn’t perfect. Going to school every day and then having to do all that homework is driving me crazy. My teachers are idiots. They don’t know any more than I do. I could teach them a thing or two. My parents don’t understand me. Every time I try to reason with them, they ignore me or won’t listen at all. And when they try to talk to me, all I want to say is, “just talk to the hand, the ears aren’t listening! I hate school, I hate church, I hate having to be quiet and listen. I’m just bored out of my gourd and I have to do something different.”

It isn’t hard to understand why your parents have a hard time understanding, and you have a hard time getting your point across when you think of the way you talk and the language you use. Let me give you an example.

Here’s what you might say to your parents as you “attitude” them.

“Look,“dillweed”. You’re “whacked” and you ain’t “all that”, so quit “jivin’’’ me. Your life is “janky” so don’t “get on my case”. All I want is a little “cheddar” so I can “marinate” with the “posse” and go “kickin’ it” at the mall and catch a little “bling-bling”.

(Let me see the hands of those who understood what I just said. Now, let me see the hands of those who are confused.)

It’s no wonder your parents look at you like you’ve lost your mind and can’t communicate with you. I might add that probably some of you kids don’t even know everything I just said using your own slang because your language changes faster than you can keep up with it.

For the sake of those who didn’t understand, here’s what that teenager just said. First of all they look at their parents with an attitude of utter contempt and disregard, with no respect for who they are and then they say:

“Look here you socially incompetent loser. You are crazy and you’re certainly not perfect, so who are you to teach me anything? You’re life is in just as bad a shape as mine so quit trying to give me advice on things that you don’t understand. Just give me a little money so I can relax with my friends and go hang out with them at the mall and buy a few pieces of jewelry.” – and this is all said with an attitude that is one of contempt toward anything that the parent might say or do to correct.

Now if you kids had said those words, in plain English, to your parents, they would have understood exactly what you had to say, but then you might not have any teeth left right now either.

Yes, I know that your home isn’t perfect. I know that your parents are perfect. I know that you think church is boring except before the service and after the service when you can hang out with the kids. I know that school is boring, and that you don’t even think it’s worth your trouble to go. But, in spite of all of this, you are still living a fairy tale life. You just don’t know it.

Part of the fairy tale in your life is that you think you have all the answers and that you have the world, and you parents fooled. You think that you can do whatever you want and say whatever you want because nobody over the age of 20 can understand you anyway, so they can’t correct you. You think that you have it all figured out and nobody knows anything but you, unless maybe it’s your friend at school or in the “hood” who heard somebody else in the “hood” say differently. You’ll listen to them because they are really in the groove.

Some of you even think that you have God fooled. You come to church acting like you’re “all that” with the Christian crowd, but then when you get to school, you’re somebody else. You’re about as confused and hypocritical as you can be.

I want you to know right now, that you don’t have anybody fooled. Your parents, your youth leaders, and me, as your Pastor, have been around this old world long enough to know a lot more than you think. More importantly, God has been around forever, and He has seen thousands of generations of teenagers go through that “know-it-all” stage of life, and there’s nothing new under the sun to Him.

Your language doesn’t confuse God, because He knows the thoughts and intents of your heart. He knows what you are saying, how you are acting and your attitude before you ever say the first word.

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