Just Announced: Philippians Sermon Series

Summary: Faith

Text: Matthew 14:25-33

Subject: Faith

Theme: Walk by Faith


Proposition: How to maintain our Faith?

Transitional Sentence: We can maintain our Faith by acting the four Principles from the below enlisted in…

I. We must Trust Jesus (v. 25-28)

A. Trust means reliance on other

-Assumed Hope

B. Explanation

C. Application – Trusting is our foundation of Faith to Jesus

II. We must Obedient to Jesus (v. 28)

A. Obey means go or come after

B. Explanation

C. Application: Obeying is the way to faithfulness

III. We must Focus to Jesus (v. 29)

B. Focus means central point

C. Explanation

D. Application: Focusing is our connection to the power of Jesus

IV. We must always Asking to Jesus (v. 30-31)

A. Ask means call for the answer

B. Explanation:

C. Application: in Asking Jesus given us strength to face from our problems and He answers our prayers according to His will.


To maintain our Faith we must always Trustful, Obedient, Focus, and Asking to Jesus to be fulfill the will or our calling in God.

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